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Up the wazoo!

It’s really a pretty awesome problem to have, but it means I probably won’t be posting anything until Tuesday.

It also means that once all this writing’s off my plate, I’m going on a reading bender with an assist from CBC. Hopefully it’ll be better than last year. 2009 was a fantastic year; 2010 was marginally exciting in that I only loved the two books I already knew.

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It’s an upset!

What an ending.

In other news, last night’s Crawl was a wet one. I completely forgot I had my camera with me until it was too late, so all of these are from The Brain at the end of the night. More Crawl than Art.

There is a little art by Christie Sealey – probably my favourite portrait of all time. It’s so beautiful and so sneaky! Oh it’s just a coffee-drinking Heather chilling in a stripe of stripped paint.


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More X-mas Goodies

Don’t tell the CBC, but I snagged one of their old-school logos and silk-screened it on to a shirt for Sean. Sorry CBC – I love you, but I don’t have $40 to drop on a T-shirt. What I have is more like $6 and 40 minutes.

Below that are three little guys I made for my Mom. I had the fleeting idea that I would tool the twelve days of Christmas, but that would have been either twelve massive baubles, or 78 pieces of leather. I think a trio of birds is a nice middle ground.

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No Sight for Sore Eyes

I know this page is boring as hell because there hasn’t been anything to look at lately, but I promise, promise, promise there will be so much to see so soon you will be sick with oversight!

Pictures and further explanations in the coming days…

In the meantime, might I suggest reading up on some of CBC’s Canada Reads selections? This is an annual event that has, for me, turned winter from a thing to buckle down and bear, into a thing to anticipate.

I already have a couple of these books, but hadn’t read them since I was in high school. I was curious to see whether Generation X would be as awesome as I thought it was when I was 16, particularly since a friend of mine recently read it and found it fell flat. I say he falls flat, because I re-read it and this book is still excellent.

I had barely started Fall on Your Knees (which I first read when I was 18) last week when I got Nikolski for Christmas and couldn’t resist the lure of its matte, fish-flocked cover, so it has absorbed the late-night waking hours I should spend sleeping.

Pick at least one up and tune into the great debates in March!

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