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City of Craft

So, City of Craft. I’m exhausted and wish I was laying on the couch all day today, but I have orders at the studio (which I spent all day yesterday cleaning an re-organizing in the wake of the hurricane that was prepping for this fair), so I’m off on my way there in ten minutes.

In the meantime, a few photos. I didn’t get to snap as many as I would have liked and the quality is only iPhone-level, but let’s do this thing.

First up, my table. Roisin was there to give me excellent display advice.

And Jane was beside me…

Old Weston was on our far end. Love her cone necklaces and gold tooth bling.

I bought a pair of wrist warmers from Anna Zygowski and tested them yesterday. Approved!

And I picked up Serena McCarroll‘s All Citizens. This was especially wild because I had JUST interviewed David Collier (who illustrated part of the book) on Friday.

Finally, though I don’t have a picture and I actually bought this after getting home yesterday, I picked up a shawl from Good Night, Day. I’ve been eyeing Tara-Lynn‘s stuff for a couple years and after interviewing her for the Spec a few weeks ago, and hearing straight from her mouth about her knits and process and aesthetic, I was extra sold.

I can’t wait to get this next week. Please cross your fingers that I can keep from being a total spazz and spilling coffee all over it.

Finally, Jane and I got a Hotwire deal on a room at the Hyatt on King and it was nutty. The whole place was like a frat house – with drunk clubbers slobbering all over the place and leaving garbage all up and down the hallways. Also, we came home to our room on Saturday night and found the bathroom floor covered with water near the tub. At first we thought the ceiling was leaking, but I’m now 99% sure someone came into our room and showered.

Speaking of – look at the bathroom window. Seemed out of place for a room with two beds. Especially since it was beside the toilet. NOT SEXY.

But the room itself was kind of space-agedly cool, so there was that.

And that’s everything! Thanks to everyone who put this on, came out and picked up some holiday gifts!







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Go east young man



It’s coming up. I know I keep saying this but I’m really excited for this show. It’s been a while since I did one and City of Craft is going to be amazing. It’s in The Theatre Centre, an incredible venue I recently realized I saw a play in years ago, and I’m super worried/excited about spending all my profits at my fellow crafters’ booths.

I spent the last two days pricing and packing and I think I’m 100% good to go. I’m still going to spend Friday night in the studio making sure, but I feel good about it right now. Some of the last things to go into my bags and boxes of merch – Migration Necklaces.



































Flurries of hand-cut feathers strung on brass chain. Also a couple on sterling and one on a gold-plated chain. For fancy birds/burds.





































Getting close!



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City of pouch

These are some of my favourite things to make, possibly partly because I love thinking about how they would assist in compartmentalizing items. I have a real obsession with putting things in specific places ie: purses and backpacks with many pockets to allow for the storage of particular objects and requiring a new note/sketchbook to dedicate to the committed pen-on-paper realization of each new idea.

ANYWHOOOOOOO, check it. I made a ton of canteen pouches.



I’m getting more and more psyched for this show. I’m driving down with Jane and Roisin and staying overnight which will be cool. There’s a lot of busy busy busy in Toronto that got to me when I lived there, but I do love it. Dare I say I sometimes miss it? It’s even easier to admit that now!

I especially miss cycling around its hidden little side streets and alleyways in the middle of the night, the incredible number of restaurant and bar options, strolling through rabbit-warren-y neighbourhoods on the way to breakfast, live music galore, and fairs and markets like City of Craft. Just look at some of the awesome that’s going to be there!


So see you there?

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The Big City

Hey hey guess what? I got into City of Craft this winter! Soooooooo psyched.

I helped Jane sell her stuff there in the spring and it was such an amazing show – all the vendors were great, and it was intimate enough not to be overwhelming. Also, it was close by and indoors (huuuuuuuge bonus – I’ve only ever done one indoor show before and it is 1000x better not to have to worry about wind and rain and snow) and I started thinking, maybe I should get slowly and carefully back into markets.

So I tried. And it worked. And please come visit because there’s sooooooo much awesome gonna be at this show. Here are the details so you can mark them down now:

December 8 & 9, 2012
Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm
$2 Admission
Children under 12 FREE

The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West


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