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Of Wrists and Rushdie

Really, what I want to do is show off the stuff I made in my silversmithing class. Last night I hit a point where I felt like – BAM. I can everlovin’ DO. THIS. BIZ.

Not that I’m a pro yet, but there’s just so much you can make with no more than a jeweller’s saw and files! I had a hard time sleeping because I couldn’t stop dreaming up designs. Next week, everything should be soldered and filed and ready for its close-up.

In the meantime, I made a whack of really simple cuffs (not pictured) and a handful some based on this belt design.

In other news (like, the actual news), I interviewed Salman Rushdie. You can find the story here. He’s reading in Hamilton tomorrow night.

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Soooooo, as long as the fires in Northern Ontario remain relatively under control (and what an awful thing for the forests and the firefighters up there – roughly 300, 000 hectares of land are affected right now compared to the 15, 000 hectares affected all year last year), we’re slated  to head off on our trip this Sunday.

On the off chance we can’t go north, I’m accepting suggestions for alternate routes. Right now we’re thinking Newfoundland or Gaspe. Any more ideas?

Before that however, is Hillside! I’m only going to be there Friday night and won’t have a booth, but Peep Design will be selling a sampling of my goods including…

New old stock wallets and cuffs at deep discount. The wallets are down from $68 to $50 and the cuffs are down from $24/36 to $18.

New old stock headbands down from $24/36 to $18.

Brand-new Warrior Princess Earrings at a minimal debut discount of $27 instead of $29.

Stop by and pick something up. Or just say hi!



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This might sound stupid in more than one way, but whenever an idea starts to take root in my head, with it comes this weird worry (initially vague and increasingly panicky) that the more I focus on and form the idea, the more it becomes part of the air around me and takes off on its own – to float around in the atmosphere and whisper in the ear of anyone who will listen.

In a hippy-dippy way – I guess I worry that it becomes part of some sort of collective unconscious.

In a more logical way – I guess I worry that a news event or topical story may have sparked the notion in more minds than my own.

Either way, my most basic concern is always that someone else will get around to it before I do.  Sometimes I feel like I should keep my mouth shut and just get to work; other times I want a date-stamped account of my intentions – LOOK HERE! I had this idea at 1: 52 exactly!

Today, I’m just too excited to wait until I have the first piece done before I blab.

What began as a sketch for a fireweed bracelet has pushed beyond the boundaries of Yukon. I’m starting a collection of Canadian cuffs – each of the 13 will bear the flower of one of our provinces or territories.

Oh my, my it’s going to be good! Maybe I’ll keep them all. Maybe I’ll move on to official birds next! Maybe I’m especially psyched for Saskatchewan’s gorgeous western red lily!

Maybe I should breathe and cut a piece of leather?

* I went searching Google images certain I would find something like this for Canada, but only found this sweet US map. Could someone please do this for the great white north?

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Start Your Engine (& Cross Your Fingers the Car Makes it Down Highway Six)

My shelves are bare…

My bags are packed…

Some last-minute cuffs are drying on the table, including a new design I only have time to make one of because it is super labour-intensice. It’s a traditional wallet back design from an old-school kit, but I’m turning it into a bracelet.

I’m sorry for the complete lack of posts this week. It parallels my complete loss of mind. I’ve been panicking ever since I got back from Ivvavik and am only now settling nicely into that place you find yourself when things come down to the wire and you realize it’s pretty well out of your hands. Ahhhhhh…so liberating.

I might do a farewell post tomorrow afternoon. After that, I’m off. If you’re not going to be at Hillside this weekend (why not?), the Etsy shop will be shut down until Monday, when I re-open with a few new pieces.

Coming up in August, I’m going to have a bunch more stuff at White Elephant, my Brown Album paintings at Downtown Bike Hounds and a piece on display at Loose Canon‘s Deck Show.

Because my plan was to calm down once Hillside passed.


Anywhoooo, thanks to this week’s most prolific spammers for all their comments! Super Colon Cleanse, Fat Burning Furnace Scam and Electric Cigarette – way to light up my life this week.  See you in Guelph!

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