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Collar and question

Made a custom dog collar and am shipping it out this afternoon.

On an unrelated note, here’s a question – I’m working on some leather pieces that don’t really fit with the Shoot from the Hip label. I need a name for the line and I want it to be a strong single word. Something that makes you think of adventures and aftershave and hunting and fishing and fighting (then settling down over shared whiskey) and camping and being sylish and utilitarian like a cigar-smoking Italian man from the Sartorialist, but in a way that is more accidental than fashion-savvy. I want it to remind me of Ernest Hemingway with a dash of Indiana Jones. What’s a good one or two?

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Fit for a pooch

A collar for a mascot!

If you’ve been to Needlework recently, you know who I’m talking about.

Peggy the pooch is about to get stylin’.

In brass and brown and purple.

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Bow Wow

A pair of custom dog collars for two lucky stateside pooches.

I will never get enough of the brown and turquoise combo.

I know this is an obvious point, but man oh man…something as simple as renewing one new item on Etsy every day makes a huge difference. I’ve been getting non-stop requests and/or notes letting me know I’ve got pieces in this or that treasury.

Whew! It’s a pretty lucky position to be in.

Next up is a stitched belt for one of White Elephant.

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A custom collar for a west coast pooch.

I thought I knew the technique used to achieve this look and was dead wrong. Fortunately, Tundra to the rescue as always.  I headed over there for a mid-morning lesson (and an espresso) and came out knowing how to block.

It takes some layering of dyes and a bit of steady-handed painting, but ta-da! I love it. I’m resurrecting my Wild Filly belt design now that I have this technique down enough to add some punch to the pattern.

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