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Snow Day

Today had the best start. I don’t know where you are in the world, but Hamilton was smoked by a snowstorm overnight, so that’s where the story begins – went to bed with no snow, woke up to a world covered in it. That alone makes for a pretty incredible sight when you step out on your porch at 7am.

This particular morning though, as I was doing just that, I had the added, out-of-nowhere bonus of a massive husky (or malamute?) running up on the porch to greet me.

IMG_2103 (Medium)

I looked up to see who his owner was and instead of a person, I saw two more bouncing through the snow towards me.

How do I explain how much I love dogs? I. LOVE. DOGS. I thought it was a mirage when I saw them. Stannding there, sleepy-eyed and barely ten minutes out of bed, in the kind of snow that falls all slow and lazy, with drifts up to my shins and three giant dogs dancing and jumping and licking all around me, I almost died.

IMG_2109 (Medium)

The first words out of my mouth were, involuntarily, Sean it’s Yukon!  even though he was still inside, sleeping. After a few minutes however, my fawning over the dogs (combined with the howling of Memphis, whose spidey senses started tingling as he whiffed them through the front door) woke him up and he came out with a camera.

IMG_2089 (Medium)

When it became clear after 20 minutes that no one was right behind this pack, we called them into the backyard and closed the gate so they weren’t running around on the street. They were so friendly and well-behaved and knew tonnes of commands – one older boy who was a huge fan of jumping and licking you in the face, an older lady who was super calm and spent most of the time sitting, and a young pup who became insta-pals with Memphis.

IMG_2159 (Large)

IMG_2194 (Large)

We tweeted photos of them like crazy and looked out front to see if anyone was wandering around on the search for them. I tried to convince Sean they were ours now and it was a sign we needed to give up our lives in Hamilton and start training for Yukon Quest, especially since the lady dog appeared to be so pregnant I thought she was going to have puppies in the yard.

Eventually Sean went to knock on the door of a house at the edge of the park behind us, where we know they have dogs, but don’t know what kind. En route, he ran into a guy and his kids, out looking for the trio. It was a Christmas miracle.

Honestly though, that’s what it felt like. Not the finding the owners part (although that was lucky too), but waking up to the dogs. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. On one hand, I know it’s just dogs and snow and those will happen in a city, but on the other hand it felt like total magic. Like these northern dogs blew in on a snowstorm, tumbled into our neighbourhood and waited for us to find them!

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Of Dresses and Dogs

Yesterday I went shopping with Liz of Needlework fame. We were picking up hides for my moccasin-making workshop this Sunday. That’s right! Remember these guys?

You can learn to make your very own! Well…not this week. The class is full. But they invested in some good leather tools so I imagine there will be more in the future – keep your eyes open!

While there, I also signed up for their Wiksten tank class.

Expect to see me in some variation on this dress/shirt regularly. It’s exactly what I want to be wearing every day this summer. The class is also a good excuse to spend more time at the shop, petting their newest employee!

She is amazing! She’s so calm! She’s nice to everyone! She will love you!

Unless you’re a camera. She hates those, so this is the last (fuzzy) shot I got before she tried to hide under a desk.


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Hush, Puppy!

Did you bustle this weekend? Oooooh man, Memphis and I hooked up with Pepper (for some purebred street cred) and headed up to the SPCA for the afternoon.

I realized I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to convince people I’m not a crazy dog lady. I do not think this helps, but here we go…

It was smoking hot but there were plenty of pooch pools.

And this little lady was wearing a wet coat to keep cool.

Reppin’ the bloodhound contingent.

Pepper loved it up – this is where she came from two years ago, before she was Jane’s dog.

Three-legged dog number one was a bloodhound…

…and number two was a basset.

This is, I guess, a thing? There was a whole contest and the bloodhound who sat with a towel on his head longest, won. What? I don’t know. I’m assuming glory.


All right, check back in tomorrow for the thrilling results of the Lister Block wallet draw – video style. It’s a bit of a roller coaster. There’s something for everyone (though mostly just for the winner) – intrigue, surprise, tragedy, comedy and guest appearances.


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Spent the morning surfing on Lake Erie. The weather was WILD – intense wind almost caught the board and sailed me into the stratosphere when I walked out of the lake.

Other than that, rain was crazy blinding and the waves were six feet tall, which was pretty exhausting to paddle against, but awesome to ride…as much or as little as I was actually riding them.

While I was having fun, I was also (sort of) doing work if you count my latest piece being published in today’s Spectator. You can check it out here.

And here I have to say a big thanks to the families who shared their time and stories with me – both for this piece and for stories I’ve done in the past.

I imagine that, regardless of the story, it must be hard to just let a stranger waltz into your house/life, towing a photographer, asking personal questions and taking notes. However, I’ve been really lucky with interviews for as long as I’ve been writing. People have always been very generous and amazing and I’m so grateful for it. Thanks!



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Friday Wind-Down

I had good intentions to do another cuff today, but I have a writing assignment with a tight deadline and a sickness that’s left me with some wild vertigo. I may not finish the leather and have it photographed by the end of the day.

What I do have photographed is Pepe – one of the pooches we’re dog-sitting right now. She came with a bag full of stuffed animals and if you ask her where her baby is, she’ll run and get one of them to show you.

You can also bust her just snuggling with one of them in hilarious fashion.

I’m not really a small dog fan, but I’m making exceptions for this particular little dog.

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