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Not so heavy metal

I think I’ve posted glimpses of some of the metal I worked on in my silversmithing class, but I don’t know if they were fully full-on finished.

These days, they are.

I’ve got my Crown Land crest…or a modified version with less trees that allowed for easier sawing. Copper backplate and sterling. On sterling chain.

And sterling Coleman Lantern Earrings on handmade sterling ear wires…

I can’t wait to buy tools to make more of this stuff.

Also, a couple new flasks. I have to apologize for the poor picture quality. It was well after dark in the old studio when I took them and this terrible angle was the only one that allowed me to rest the camera on something steady.






























Hoser Flask and the Coronation Flask. Sorry they’re so fuzzy!



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Red sky at night

Eye of the Storm earrings. A good way to use up some smaller pieces of leather.

Those red and white ones remind me of the 60s. So pop-artsy!

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Au natch

An old design with a new twist – wood-burned rather than tooled for a natural, almost birch-barky look.

Heading into the shop this weekend, along with a million of other things I’ve promised to post and let slide under the pressures of summer fun.

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Fire Flowers Fer Yer Hair

Some new earrings. They’re thinner than most of those I make because there was no way I could cut these petals into the heavier weight leather.

Block dyed with layers of yellow and brown, red and maroon stain.  Hung on brass hooks.

They look like fire in your hair. Heading into the shop (which I think is going to get a big, fat overhaul in the next seven days) over the weekend.

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Start to Finish

Some shots of the earrings I worked on last week – part of my Dryden collection of cradle-to-grave goods.

I’ll drop these in the shop sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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