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Your Own Antlers

I’ve got a couple pais of these deearrings in the studio with plans for some similar necklaces.

Made from my very favourite antique brass rope chain and slices of my deer’s antlers.

Look for them in the shop tomorrow afternoon.


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It’s Just Another Manic Wednesday

Worked on quite a few things yesterday.

First off was a Newfoundland cuff, which I carved, cut and tooled. It’s sitting on my work table waiting for paint.

Some smaller projects included an acid-green feather strung on a brass chain…

The motorcycle braid wraps (a custom order) I started last week…

And a new take on an old design – the Faux Bois-ome Earrings.

I love these so much better than the old design. The wood grain is more widely spaced and simply carved instead of tooled.

The leather is thick. The circles larger than they used to be.

My favourite part though, is the stain. I used to just dye these guys an all-over brown, but since learning to block-dye a few months ago (a technique I want to use on everything) I’ve switched it up and lo-lo-love the gradient colour achieved by layering shades like this.

If you want a pair, you can pick them up here. I do also plan to get a batch of earrings together to send over to White Elephant after a sore (read: non-existent) showing this summer so some of these might be included in that shipment.

Ha. Shipment.

In other news, I got a studio pet! A birthday gift from Sean’s mom.

So perfect. I knew I needed some lushness – some nature – in there and it was even in my day planner to buy something this week, but she beat me to the punch with this. I love it.

Hmmmm…what else? Lake and Larch made its first sale overnight which was an awesome surprise to wake up to.

I have photos of a few new vintage pieces, cropped and ready to list, but forgot my notebook full of measurements and specs at the studio. Check the shop later tonight or tomorrow for new additions.


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Leathers and Feathers

Due to family events, I’m cramming a full work week into the next three days.

Fortunately for my feelings of accomplishment in the leather realm, I finally put to practice a simple design I’ve been meaning to make for ages. This means I can bang off a couple dozen of these guys in a matter of hours and feel like I’ve been super-productive.

Behold! The Warrior Princess Earrings…

Not for the shy of spangle. These shoulder-sweeping earrings measure 3.5 x 1 inch.

Thick leathers for the longer feathers and soft suedes for the smaller.

Don’t you want to wear only these and run through the woods? Or is that just me…?

I’m in love. I want to make these all day long. They’re perfect for using up smaller swatches and scraps of leather and the process is relatively quick and easy.

Also, they play directly to my very favourite sartorial aesthetic – the male/female dichotomy. Leathers and feathers, I call it in my head (and now, here, on the Interwebs). Ladylike in their delicacy; burly in their strength. Feminine in their colour; masculine in their structure.

Some are heading into the shop over the next couple days. Many more will head over to White Elephant along with the rest of the re-stock I keep promising them. Still more will be at Hillside this summer – look for the Peep Design booth to pick yours up.


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Cock of the Walk

I’ve probably used this post title before, but anywhoooooooo…

A pair of earrings I forgot to post when I made them last week – shipped out to an Etsy buyer in the U.S.

Hand-carved and tooled into a thick veg-tanned leather.

Hand-painted in shades of bronze, teal, black and blue. Hung on brass hooks.

Especially suited to you if you are as rammy as I am – these are the ideal alternative to actual feathers which you have to be careful with because they’re delicate.

Two inches long by one-and-a-half inches in width.

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Gray Days

Hamilton is dark, dark, dark today. Here’s some colour and a reminder of camping to brighten things up…

National Parks Wallet.

Acid Green Envy Earrings.

And the Parrot Plume Earrings – these last guys were done with many layers of stain.

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