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A flurry of feathers

I kinda hate symmetry. I mean…it works sometimes, but mostly it seems conspicuous.

Three, seven, nine – I’m feeling you. I buy it. You happen to be odd and it seems legit. Two, four, six on the other hand? Your even-ness is suspicious. Planned. Easy. A little too easy if you know what I mean.

These guys take a cue from my friend Rachel, who always mixes and matches her earrings (or mine when she’s buying them from me) and pulls it off strong. Screw symmetry. I just think odd numbers are more interesting. I like a little lop-sidedness.

Leaves 005 (Medium) (2)

I think you know the drill. Hand-carved brass feathers, hand-filed and polished and strung on handmade brass ear wires.

One, two, three.

Leaves 043 (Large)

Can you tell the ones on the right curve in different directions? It would be so much easier to get shots of earrings if my head were flat or my ears bigger. Ahhhh well. I suppose we can’t have everything…

Leaves 001 (Medium)

…wanna know what we can have though? These earrings. Especially if you live in Halifax, which is where they’ll be the first weekend of May when I’m at Halifax Crafters (PS – yesssssssss I LOVE HALIFAX).

See you on the coast!

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Light as a feather

Geez Louise, it took me long enough to figure this out, but here FINALLY are some earrings. On ear wires. That I made.

Min feather earrings 2 (Medium)

They’re meant to be feathers and meant to be hanging the other way, but the quills were too narrow to drill a hole at that end, so I flipped them.

Mini feather earrings 3 (Large)

Super light. Feels like flying. Be on the lookout for more earrings now that I’ve got a handle on this mess.

Mini feather earrings 1 (Medium)

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Midway Mark

This is about half the feathered earrings I want to have on hand for City of Craft. I was going to bust off the rest yesterday but I had some split skin and pains from making the same three cutting motions for five hours the day before so I took a break.

But I’m on my way…

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