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Not so heavy metal

I think I’ve posted glimpses of some of the metal I worked on in my silversmithing class, but I don’t know if they were fully full-on finished.

These days, they are.

I’ve got my Crown Land crest…or a modified version with less trees that allowed for easier sawing. Copper backplate and sterling. On sterling chain.

And sterling Coleman Lantern Earrings on handmade sterling ear wires…

I can’t wait to buy tools to make more of this stuff.

Also, a couple new flasks. I have to apologize for the poor picture quality. It was well after dark in the old studio when I took them and this terrible angle was the only one that allowed me to rest the camera on something steady.






























Hoser Flask and the Coronation Flask. Sorry they’re so fuzzy!



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Oh Deer!

Considering I’m going away shortly, I should be focussed on tying loose ends up rather than collecting them like some sort of obsessive.

However, this is the way of freelance work (raining, pouring, old men snoring…or something to do with raining and pouring anyway), so yesterday I accepted a custom order and jammed it through the four-hour window required to ensure it arrives in time for the weekend.

Oh, and all wrapped in my beautiful new shipping materials even! I love sending fancy mail.

A bunch more writing to work on this week, but first? Surf’s up on Ontario and it’s work-related so I don’t even have to feel bad about “not working.”

Not going to lie here – I’m a little worried about this because the forecast says something about seven foot waves and I am comfortable with a maximum of five, but maybe I can flounder about in the mushy stuff near the shore if it’s too intense? Please let there be mushy stuff near the shore…

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Chin Chin

A custom flask for a freshly-legal gal.

Again, I have to apologize for my web non-presence this week. Specifically to Kieran, who always notes how great it is that I update daily through the week. Kieran, I know I’m letting you down! I’M SORRY!

Regular posting will resume next week.

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Run Ragged

That’s how I feel today. I’ve been going since pre-dawn, but that’s not really the issue. The problem is that I stayed up late watching Boardwalk Empire.

Regardless! Tuesday was a day for getting things done. I spent most of the day in the studio, which was sooooo nice.

I shipped out some Etsy orders including a pair of earrings, a flask, my birch bark cuff and one of my fave Lake and Larch dresses…

I also started on a poppy pin for my sister. I may re-do this guy tomorrow because once I started painting it, things took a turn for the worse (not pictured).

Also had things change a bit on the guitar strap I’m set to start next week. Instead of standard stitching with waxed linen thread, I’ve had a request to lace the whole thing with a double-cordovan stitch. It’s been so long since I’ve done it, I don’t even have a sample of my own to show you. The below image is not my work, but it’s a good shot of what this stitch looks like.

Photo from IndigoShrimp

The reason I don’t often do it?

A) It’s very western-looking which isn’t always what people are after.

B) Not only does it drive the materials cost up, it takes ten times as long to lace.


It looks rad. So while I’m pre-emptively exhausted by the thought of an entire strap’s worth of stitching, I’m also pretty pumped for the challenge. Because in my head, the finished product looks amaaaaaaaaazing.


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A few new things making appearances in both shops today. Some pre-Christmas stocking up going on over here.

Lake and Larch has the Mrs. Rogers Sweater and the Primrose Purse…

While Shoot from the Hip has a Canada Grain flask and a couple cuffs…


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