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I’m goin’ away

Turquoise was a theme this week…

I love this. LOVE. It’s based on an old 60s leatherwork pattern, but made a bit bigger to accommodate credit cards and jazzed up with the kind of colours it was probably never meant to be. Two pockets so you can keep your monies and plastics separated.

See how that works? I’m also going to make these out of some vintage ball gloves over the weekend.

Brass snaps. The Close Me Two Times Wallet. One for tomorrow. One just for today.

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Gold In Them There Hills

Whew, it took me all day! The actual number of hours I spent on it will not be reflected in the price because a lot of the roundabout ways I came at finishing things off were due to my own ridiculous mistakes.

Say hello to the Panning for Gold Cuff.

This is the same design I came up with for the Firth River Rocks Bag (I have yet to finish). In this way, I guess you could say it’s based on that particular river, but I like to think of it as a composite of all the Yukon rivers I’ve known – Pelly, Mackenzie, Teslin, Liard…

Hmmmm. I’m starting to think I’ll have a hard time letting it go if it does sell, but…

…here are the details anyway. I hand-carved and tooled the design into a thick strip of veg-tanned leather (2.5 inches in width). I hand-painted the rocks and river, then coated everything with a layer of resist and stained the centre a caramel colour.

The veg was treated with leather protector to give the tooled portion of the cuff the glassy gloss of still water.

Hand-stitched, with waxed linen thread, to a soft piece of deep burgundy leather.

Gold nuggets dropped down its length. Brass snaps to fit an eight-inch wrist. Shown here on a six-inch wrist.

I originally meant to do this as a single strip of veg leather, but consulted my  sketches only after the tooling was done, thus realizing (too late) I had meant to carve an edge around the river. Something about a borderless body of water looked wrong to me (less river, more flood?), so I sewed her on to the burgundy backdrop.

All this to say, there will be a cheaper option in the shop in the coming weeks – one without the stitching and with the intended border instead.

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Cash Carriers

A little gold to brighten this gray day…

This guy is pretty small. Not too, too much bigger than a wallet so when I make more, I’ll probably go a little longer or add a strap.

Also up, a custom order. A high-flying wallet featuring a MAJESTIC eagle.


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