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Hot Off the Press

Today I’m starting a part-time job at The Hamilton Spectator. I’ll be working for the Go section – the same section I’ve been freelancing with for the last year.

I’m going to try to come up with a schedule that involves a lot of weekend picture-taking so I can continue to update here daily (mostly for Kieran’s sake, because I know this site has a tenuous hold on a “top five” position in his hierarchy of blog entertainment), but I just wanted to put it out there. If I miss a day here and there getting used to the new routine, you can find me over at The Spec.

That said, this week might be a bit of a write-off. In addition to starting a new job, gritLIT begins tonight and runs through to Sunday so I’ll be running from work to various venues around town, shuttling authors and manning tables and the like.

Check the events – tonight’s is a freebie and guaranteed to be great. The first-ever Hamilton Reads will see ten local celebrities (including writer Miranda Hill, musician Jeremy Greenspan and civic superhero Matt Jelly) defending the ten books on the OLA’s Evergreen List. I’m psyched about it!

PS – If you come, please bring me dinner.

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I’ve got a piece in the Spec today – part of a series on binge-drinking that’s being done in response to the recent drinking-to-death incident that happened in Waterdown this year.


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Fit For You, Me and Everyone We Know

I’ve got a piece in the Spec today – about a joint initiative between McMaster and the YMCA.

It’s a pretty amazing program full of determined participants and it really drives home the overwhelming importance of physical activity/the fact that you have no excuse not to be getting some. Especially today, when it’s supposed to be seven degrees out there. Take a walk!


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The Medium is the Massage

First off, the only excuse I need to start scheduling regular massages – check out the Spec piece I wrote on recent findings at McMaster University.

Next up, since this cuff sells faster than I can keep it in the shop, I did a third Newfoundland Pitcher Plant this afternoon.

I’m happy with the way the bracelet itself turned out, but am most psyched for something I won’t be able to post until next week. I set up one of my cameras do a time-lapse recording of the process – carving, tooling, cutting, painting, staining, spraying, edging and attaching snaps.

I’m going to edit them together into a video this weekend and post them early next week – hopefully Monday. Right now, just scanning through the pictures, flip-book-style, the results appear to be exactly what I was hoping for, so I can’t wait to combine them.

In the meantime, here’s the finished product. Happy Friday!

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