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Cue Q

In roughly five hours, CBC’s cultural affairs show, Q, will be taped live in the Hammer.

Check it out and see you there?

If not, listen for my cheering on the show tomorrow morning.



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The heart of the city

What a day Sunday was for Hammer history nerds. At 1pm, we (along with a large crowd of our fellow Hamiltonians) went downtown for a walking tour of some of the incredible buildings on historic Gore Park. Included were the pre-Confederation buildings you see sandwiched between the two far less stunning newb buildings, the likes of which some would prefer to see (see also: lot, parking) in place of these shining examples of the ever-loving awesome that is what people did with cities when they had an ounce of architectural creativity.

SAM_2904 (Large)

Afterwards, we went to the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology, just to check in and make sure nothing had changed since the last time we visited. Sean loves it and with good reason – it’s incredible. Let’s have a look?

SAM_2907 (Large)

























This place pumped clean water from Lake Ontario to the city of Hamilton from 1860 until, I believe, the 1930s.

SAM_2910 (Large)


SAM_2964 (Large)

The flywheel is massive. Don’t get your arm caught there.

SAM_2965 (Large)

Locally handcrafted, yo. The limestone this thing is built on was cut from the Escaprment and hauled down to the site. The metal components were made in Dundas.

SAM_2968 (Large)

























SAM_2969 (Large)

























SAM_2971 (Large)

























You can tell the city put enough money into this place to bankrupt them. It’s beautiful – they were proud of it and it’s easy to see why. It’s nicer than my house and, even with all the residual coal dust, probably cleaner.

SAM_2982 (Large)

Thanks to the fact that this is a National Historic Site, and people other than our current city council are responsible for looking after it, it’s not likely to be knocked down anytime soon, so you can go and see it yourself!


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Saturday Edition

My latest in the Hamilton Spectator is a profile of local artist, April Mansilla.

It was in the Go section on Saturday but you can check it out here if you missed it on the weekend.

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Happy (Belated) Canada Day!

Canada Day weekend was pretty good this year – so good that I forgot to wish anyone a happy Canada Day, so…refer to post headline.

I spent Friday night at a friend’s cottage, which was perfect. The kind of cottage that’s fully panelled in wood, with many large stone fireplaces, much 70s decor, a rocky shore and water so cold it hurts. In a good way.

Sunday was the last night of It’s Your Festival in Gage Park and a few of us biked over to catch Big Sugar (that would be the boys’ choice) and The Dinner Belles (that would be the choice of those of us with taste).

In between hoedowns, getting cajoled by carnies and scarfing nachos with atomic melted cheese (it was the first time Gabby ever had this dish in her life), I snapped a couple pictures.

Mostly of lights.

I’m easily dazzled.

Oh hi, Dinner Belles!

Someone knows a Ti-Cats crowd…

That’s Nikki and Jane, in that ridiculous death trap.

Huge thanks also to the guy who hand-delivered my lost-since-Thursday wallet on Sunday morning. It made my week to see you on the doorstep. I would have hugged you but I thought you might be weirded out.

I didn’t care about the credit card cancellations or the fee for a new license. What had me heartbroken was the loss of my red-and-white health card. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing it all back! My red-and-white heart is bursting!


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Hammer Time

Starting on a new group of Hamilton paintings.

I set aside the one on the left to start the one on the right because I was unhappy with how old Lefty was going. Looking at it now, from a distance, it’s exactly what I was hoping for. Phew!

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