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Fire Flowers Fer Yer Hair

Some new earrings. They’re thinner than most of those I make because there was no way I could cut these petals into the heavier weight leather.

Block dyed with layers of yellow and brown, red and maroon stain.  Hung on brass hooks.

They look like fire in your hair. Heading into the shop (which I think is going to get a big, fat overhaul in the next seven days) over the weekend.

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Perfect for Pockets

In a move too long in the making, I did another thinner version of the mini wallet I made Sean last year.

I’m hoping to have the time to work on a few more of them this week or early next week so I can take a handful over to White Elelphant, if they’re into it, along with (finally) some of my deer earrings.

Look for it in the Etsy shop next week.

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Can You Handle It?

“It” being this 1928 camera. I can’t. It’s amazing. I don’t know anything about photography except that I wish I knew how to use this.

It belongs to Hamilton artist, John Haney, and last week, I put a new leather handle on it to replace the original which had given way after almost a century’s worth of service.

I riveted the old one on to the new as a little tribute.

This week I’m working on my last-minute contribution to the CSCL Annual. I meant to start this a few weeks ago but when I went to pick up the rust-red buffalo hide I needed, I found out there’s a moosehide shortage going on right now.

I was able to rustle up just enough to do what I have in mind (thanks to a fellow member who had some sitting around that he wasn’t using), but I only received it today so it’s going to be a wild couple of days.  A new design + no room for error – free time = stressful!

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Oh Deer!

Considering I’m going away shortly, I should be focussed on tying loose ends up rather than collecting them like some sort of obsessive.

However, this is the way of freelance work (raining, pouring, old men snoring…or something to do with raining and pouring anyway), so yesterday I accepted a custom order and jammed it through the four-hour window required to ensure it arrives in time for the weekend.

Oh, and all wrapped in my beautiful new shipping materials even! I love sending fancy mail.

A bunch more writing to work on this week, but first? Surf’s up on Ontario and it’s work-related so I don’t even have to feel bad about “not working.”

Not going to lie here – I’m a little worried about this because the forecast says something about seven foot waves and I am comfortable with a maximum of five, but maybe I can flounder about in the mushy stuff near the shore if it’s too intense? Please let there be mushy stuff near the shore…

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