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Yesterday I ran a moccasin-making workshop at Needlework. The long weekend meant it was small, but that was nice. Just three makers, plus Kate.

We traced…

We cut…

We broke for cupcakes…

And we had great success! Everone’s shoes looked so good at the end! Very professional. I sort of think they were hustling me, acting like they didn’t know anything about leatherwork.

Then it poured rain, then it got sunny, then I went surfing with Sean and Gary and can I please express how amazing it is to be in the water in a swimsuit rather than a wetsuit? For the water to be that warm? Come on waves, shake these lakes up! I need a million more summer sessions before fall.

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Of Dresses and Dogs

Yesterday I went shopping with Liz of Needlework fame. We were picking up hides for my moccasin-making workshop this Sunday. That’s right! Remember these guys?

You can learn to make your very own! Well…not this week. The class is full. But they invested in some good leather tools so I imagine there will be more in the future – keep your eyes open!

While there, I also signed up for their Wiksten tank class.

Expect to see me in some variation on this dress/shirt regularly. It’s exactly what I want to be wearing every day this summer. The class is also a good excuse to spend more time at the shop, petting their newest employee!

She is amazing! She’s so calm! She’s nice to everyone! She will love you!

Unless you’re a camera. She hates those, so this is the last (fuzzy) shot I got before she tried to hide under a desk.


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Kickin’ It

I was working on these for the CSCL Annual and then to sell in the shop, but I was using a new pattern that turned out to be missing a bunch of instructions so there were some fairly large mistakes in the making.

Of course, the default in this situation is that I keep them for myself – good thing I made them in my size!

I threw in some modifications even before all the mistakes started requiring them to disguise the disaster. These include the painted and appliqued leaves and the ankle strap.

The necessary additions include the tabs for lacing and even though they kick these boots up to a higher plane of LOTR nerdism than I’d planned, I think I like them.

I don’t really like the whip stitch on the toe tabes though, so I may rip that lace out and re-do it in a different style. It just looks too cheap and underdone compared to the overdoneness of everything else these moccs have going for them.

Otherwise, as soon as the hide shortage ends, I plan to put together another pair for sale.


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In Progress

Working through my boots. Today was meant to be devoted to painting, but I finished that much faster than I thought I would so I’ve mostly been staring at the pattern for putting this all together and getting confused.

Let’s focus on what I know – stitching the leaves on to the sides of the boots.

I think my overboard-i-tude with colour makes my stuff seem sort of frivolous to the old-school leatherworkers in the CSCL. When I submitted a belt for the annual judging last year, the judges called it a “fashion belt.” What I will call moccasins this year, they will, no doubt, call “fashion boots.”

I can’t help it! Who wants to be monochromatic? Don’t you get depressed like that? Especially in winter when everything is bleak and shades of shade already?

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Walk a Mile…

…in my moccasins.

Or not.

You could always slip them on, kick your feet up and snug under a blanket with a book and a cup of coffee instead. Truth be told, that’s what they’re best at – being your indoor slippers/backyard booties/cottage kicks/random relaxation footwear.

Made from a golden cut of moosehide that’s simultaneously tough as nails and buttersoft, so they’ll feel like heaven through years of wear and tear.

The individual pieces of these moccs were hand-cut and hand-stitched together by weaving heavy waxed cord though more than 400 hand-punched holes. Phew…makes for tired hands.

Lined with an insole of caramel-coloured bridle leather.

Available here.

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