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Trailer trash

Living in a van down by the river? Maybe you just spend time there during the camping season…

Trailer Trash 017 (Large)

Either way, the only reason to be ashamed is if by “trailer trash” you mean the garbage you leave behind when you’re caravanning. That’s shit’s not cool and you can consider this a PSA to that effect.

But I digress.

Trailer Trash 002 (Large)

The Trailer Trash necklace is based on the fibreglass Trillium. Made in Alberta (the recreational vehicle – not the necklace). Little, lightweight, hardy.

Trailer Trash 011 (Medium)

This one is carved from 18 GA brassand strung on a vintage brass chain. Sanded and filed to a matte finish. Ready to hitch to yer car and hit the road.

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Not so heavy metal

I think I’ve posted glimpses of some of the metal I worked on in my silversmithing class, but I don’t know if they were fully full-on finished.

These days, they are.

I’ve got my Crown Land crest…or a modified version with less trees that allowed for easier sawing. Copper backplate and sterling. On sterling chain.

And sterling Coleman Lantern Earrings on handmade sterling ear wires…

I can’t wait to buy tools to make more of this stuff.

Also, a couple new flasks. I have to apologize for the poor picture quality. It was well after dark in the old studio when I took them and this terrible angle was the only one that allowed me to rest the camera on something steady.






























Hoser Flask and the Coronation Flask. Sorry they’re so fuzzy!



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Glitz and Gillz

It may have been cabins that brewed this design. I was dreaming of fishing and of being wrapped in quilts in a shack in the bush and next thing I knew – bam.

I have such a huge stash of new stuff to make now that I’m into City of Craft, but I also want to freshen up the shop, so I’m hoping to introduce some of this stuff early next week.

We’ll see!

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Encrusted Saxifrage – you find this blue-green beauty at the top of the Giant in the provincial park of a similar name.

Sean and I spent a good six hours hiking up there at the end of a day (probably too close to the end of the day since we saw only wolves and no other people on the trail) during our stay last summer.

These little cups have been carved from thick tooling leather and hand-painted.

Strung on my favourite – an antique brass sequin chain.

And going into the shop sometime tomorrow.

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Check This, Chickie!

Short on time = short on words. Here’s a necklace I worked on today – part of the Canadianarama collection.

A black-capped chickadee feather for New Brunswick.

BAM. In the shop Monday. Also up? A prototype of one of the ideas I had yesterday while visiting Tundra.

Hit Art Crawl. Have a great weekend.

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