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Whew, during the cyber-move of last week I was unable to post anything new. Now that we’re settled in and up and running again though, here are more necklaces.

I’ve also got some more new earrings in the works, a trio of freshly-designed handlebar bags I’m crazy about and a long list of ideas for metalwork that is making it impossible for me to sleep. Honestly. I’ve been laying awake and thinking of new things, or going over the ideas I’ve already had and imaginging how I’ll cut them. Really riveting stuff. It’s a wonder this keeps me up instead of knocking me out – fantasizing about sawing silver – but it does.

Some of it can be translated into leather as well, so hopefully that will placate me until I can get my hands on a jeweller’s saw and some silver. Probably not, but I have to do something with these thoughts or I’ll go mental.








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Bits and Bites

Some new pieces I put together this morning. No time for explanations! They go on ears and necks!

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Some new pieces tooled and stained, painted and protected.

I still have to finish the edges and backs of these (and a couple not pictured still need to be painted), and attach them to their various earring hooks, necklace chains and headbands, but not a bad haul for the first day back.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I am going to shower and enjoy one of these bad boys. TASTY addition to the team since the last time I was up…

PS – Today, a spammer commented “Brilliant things, man! What you have to say is really crucial”

I mean things are totally crucial. And stuff is certainly brilliant, but I’m not drafting a manifesto here. Please, you’re making me blush!

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