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Yesterday I ran a moccasin-making workshop at Needlework. The long weekend meant it was small, but that was nice. Just three makers, plus Kate.

We traced…

We cut…

We broke for cupcakes…

And we had great success! Everone’s shoes looked so good at the end! Very professional. I sort of think they were hustling me, acting like they didn’t know anything about leatherwork.

Then it poured rain, then it got sunny, then I went surfing with Sean and Gary and can I please express how amazing it is to be in the water in a swimsuit rather than a wetsuit? For the water to be that warm? Come on waves, shake these lakes up! I need a million more summer sessions before fall.

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I finally got into this oh-so-popular class at Needlework a couple weeks ago and made a Wiksten dress.

I’ve barely been able to contain my excitement over this thing. Have you ever made a piece of your own clothing? I haven’t (and the reasons why are well-documented here) so this was huuuuuuuuuge. It feels amazing to have that skill, however unpolished mine is right now, and I owe Needlework for the lesson. Their Wiksten class is so easy, Kate guided me through the dress-making in a cool, casual fashion that made it very unintimidating, the pattern is straightforward and the finished product is something you’ll want to wear every single summer day. Simple as a flour sack, stylish as anything you’d buy on Etsy.

Plus, Needlework has so many great fabrics to choose from including this one:

Throw a little bit of class at that bolt and voila!

I just dropped in there the other day to buy more, more, more fabric for another dress and a tank top version of this outfit. It’s easy and addictive and I believe both Liz and Kate (who have superhero-style closets full of Wikstens) will attest to that!

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Fit for a pooch

A collar for a mascot!

If you’ve been to Needlework recently, you know who I’m talking about.

Peggy the pooch is about to get stylin’.

In brass and brown and purple.

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Of Dresses and Dogs

Yesterday I went shopping with Liz of Needlework fame. We were picking up hides for my moccasin-making workshop this Sunday. That’s right! Remember these guys?

You can learn to make your very own! Well…not this week. The class is full. But they invested in some good leather tools so I imagine there will be more in the future – keep your eyes open!

While there, I also signed up for their Wiksten tank class.

Expect to see me in some variation on this dress/shirt regularly. It’s exactly what I want to be wearing every day this summer. The class is also a good excuse to spend more time at the shop, petting their newest employee!

She is amazing! She’s so calm! She’s nice to everyone! She will love you!

Unless you’re a camera. She hates those, so this is the last (fuzzy) shot I got before she tried to hide under a desk.


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Miss Dress-Up

Hey, Internet! Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry, I’m not grinch enough to say I don’t like any and all excuses to be celebratory and I’ve been happy to find dog-featuring valentines hidden all over the house today – some attached to chocolate, some to flowers, some to magazines.

Moving on – during Friday’s Art Crawl, I picked up a Colette Pattern from Needlework.

It says BEGINNER on the front and the instructions look straightforward enough so today I cut a tissue-paper Peony dress.

Over the weekend, I snapped up a few meters of fabric from Value Village to practice on (tip: if you lack faith in your sewing abilities, I strongly recommend this. Value V has tonnes of fabric and you can get 2-3 M for $3. Much cheaper, and less heart-breaking, than making your mistakes on the good stuff). If I can get that out of the way this weekend, I’m going to pick up an Ikat-esque fabric Needlework carries and start the real deal next week.

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