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This Post Brought to You by Camping!

Did you know I’m obsessed with old trailers and campers? It goes without saying that I’m not the only one – especially after reading My Cool Caravan, which I picked up from Mixed Media as a gift for Sean.

Besides being full of fantastic photos of much-loved campmobiles, the book profiles 40 different trailers – their stories, their owners, their renovations and refurbishings.

I want this one like craaaaazyyyyy but will settle for the hard-sided yellow Boler I saw in an undisclosed location on an unnamed highway yesterday.

If you have $4000 for me, I have an invitation to go camping in it for you!

We can go to one of the parks featured in this vintage National Parks guide Hollie and Jane gave me…

Chill with this guy…

Swim in this guy…

And talk about how crappy this post is because Gimp keeps crashing on me and I have no more patience for photo-editing!



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Start Your Engine (& Cross Your Fingers the Car Makes it Down Highway Six)

My shelves are bare…

My bags are packed…

Some last-minute cuffs are drying on the table, including a new design I only have time to make one of because it is super labour-intensice. It’s a traditional wallet back design from an old-school kit, but I’m turning it into a bracelet.

I’m sorry for the complete lack of posts this week. It parallels my complete loss of mind. I’ve been panicking ever since I got back from Ivvavik and am only now settling nicely into that place you find yourself when things come down to the wire and you realize it’s pretty well out of your hands. Ahhhhhh…so liberating.

I might do a farewell post tomorrow afternoon. After that, I’m off. If you’re not going to be at Hillside this weekend (why not?), the Etsy shop will be shut down until Monday, when I re-open with a few new pieces.

Coming up in August, I’m going to have a bunch more stuff at White Elephant, my Brown Album paintings at Downtown Bike Hounds and a piece on display at Loose Canon‘s Deck Show.

Because my plan was to calm down once Hillside passed.


Anywhoooo, thanks to this week’s most prolific spammers for all their comments! Super Colon Cleanse, Fat Burning Furnace Scam and Electric Cigarette – way to light up my life this week.  See you in Guelph!

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Away We Go

Blogger is for the birds. It’s making me crazy. I hate how it looks and I hate how messed up all my posting has been for the last few months.

I’m closing up shop and taking it over to WordPress. If you stop by here regularly using the address, note that you will shortly (hopefully) have to check for thrilling, up-to-the-minute (mostly) updates on where I am writing, painting, crafting leather, eating lunch, dancing at shows, petting my dog, etc.

Let the techno-mess commence!

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Here is a thing you must try. A peroti – courtesy of Vagabond Street Foods in Whitehorse, YT.

I ate so many of these during the four or five days I was there and I think of them every day. Finally tried my hand at making them last night and ooohhhhhhh. So good.

1) Make curried potatoes according to your fave recipe.

2) Stuff them into a wrap or pita pocket.

3) Cover with shredded mozzarella.

4) Scoop some mango chutney on top.

5) Grill if you have the means.

I meant to take a picture of this to entice you, but I accidentally inhaled the thing, so you’ll just have to take my word.

Here is a completely unrelated photo of progress so far on the Brown Album paintings. The long one of all five of them isn’t related to a song – just an extra one I did when I realized I forgot a wall’s worth of space.

Look how smarmy Robbie is. Don’t believe me? Read this, then see how you feel about him.

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