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Still Thirsty?

Do I seem obsessive? Ummmmmmm, you might be right. I love love love this Canteen Purse design. It’s fun to make, satisfying to see in its finished form and there are sooooo many shades of soft leather available to make it in, I can barely keep it together.

I certainly can’t stop making them.

This one is a special fave. You wouldn’t believe the colour of this leather. It looks like the ocean, all faded and pale in parts and deepest depths turquoise in others

Some variations on this theme to come…

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What`s that, Canteen Boy?

What a day! After messing around with patterns and not really getting anything concrete done in the studio all day yesterday, I more than made up for it today.

The below purse is what I’m most psyched about. I love the shape, I love the leather and I love how the super-simple design smacked me in the mind hours after I’d left the studio and forgotten about all my failed patterns and sketches. I was itching to get to work today and now I’m itching to take work home, thoughI keep reminding myself I won’t be able to eat this purse for dinner so maybe I should put it in the Etsy shop.

A whack of hand-punched and set brass rivets.

This beautiful turquoise leather is something I’ve been eyeing forever. I finally bought the whole side last week. The strap is made from pumpkin-coloured hide.

Have a look inside – it’s the perfect size for a girl like me (though I am going to make a much larger version too) who needs bags in every imaginable size and doesn’t have one quite like this yet. It’s an illness.

Styling assist from Umber Dove Studios.

I call it the Canteen Purse. I wouldn’t recommend filling it with water, but hey – it’s your life to live. I’m only here to sell you purses…maybe not this one though.

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The Daily Planet – Afternoon Edition

A couple years ago, I adapted an old motorcycle bar bag pattern for use as a purse. Because it looked like the kind of thing I imagine Jimmy Olsen carries around, I called it The Daily Planet Purse. True to its namesake, it fit a camera and a small notebook perfectly.

Anyway, this version was a prototype and there was lots wrong with it (so I kept it). First of all, the buckle tabs were hand-cut, which means the look was a little lacking in uniformity.

I’ve since had tab dies made and finally got to use them to cut the tabs on a follow-up…

I also swapped the stitched-in-place strap for a strap with swivel snaps. Because these turn 360 degrees, there’s less wear and tear on the strap if you happen to be the kind of person who is hard on your bags/luggage/purses/etc.

Ba-bam. I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I love the leather and I love the brass and I kind of wish I was keeping this one for myself too.

Alas, that is not the spirit of the season.

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Even though this has been a long time in the imagining, I hadn’t planned to make it last week when I did. However, once I started messing around, I couldn’t stop.

Behold! The Gunslinger Purse!

Carries keys, cash , id, chapstick…

Thick bridle leather in a beautiful caramel colour. Hand-stitched with heavy cord.

Slits on the back side of the holster will fit any belt 1.5 inches (or less) in width.

Thigh can be sized as needed.

This one is maybe a little narrow as I misjudged the way the leather would bend after stitching. It’s still functional – my hand fits in and all the way down – but I can see how a little shorter and wider would make it easier for day-to-day heavy use.

Check back next week for that update.

Also, Hamilton is crazy this weekend – with the Locke Street Festival, the Canadian Country Music Awards and Supercrawl all happening downtown. Don’t forget to check this city out on Saturday. It’s going to be amazing.


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Office Space

Yesterday I stopped into Tundra for a single bag of grommets and (as so often happens) walked out with a little bit more than I’d planned.

One of these things was a small cut of lipstick-pink leather I got a good deal on. I’m kind of wishing I had a whole lot more now because I think this is going to turn out pretty well…

Other new news that is news? I hung my shelves so my tools are no longer scattered all over the place.

I also bought a broom so I could clear out a space to lay down Memphis’ new dog bed.

He’s still not super into this new routine (though he did feel comfortable enough to howl at the methadone clinic across the street which is a good sign) but I think that will change once he’s got a water bowl and a radio.

Ok, maybe that last thing is for me.

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