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Tagging (the legal kind)

I finally ordered a couple custom leatherstamps and oh. My. My.

IMG_3720 (Medium)


IMG_2478 (Medium)

How does this elevate things? Let me count the ways.

I’m not really going to do that, count I mean, but am I right? I’m  so obsessed with tags, I tagged this iPad sleeve with two…

IMG_3741 (Large)

IMG_3743 (Large)

IMG_3747 (Medium)

I love them. Want some tags? I’ll send you tags. I cut about a thosand yesterday. You can sew them in your hats and shirts and underwear!

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Tag – You’re It!

New sales tags from Copydog. I love them.

What else? There was something else I was going to say…I have bike designs spilling out my ears, but not enough time in the weekend to finish them since I’m going home to visit family tomorrow to Sunday.

Dang. If I remember, I’ll be back. Otherwise, until Monday Interwebbers.  Enjoy your weekend!

Oh right! Check out my new ad – set to run on Love it a Lot in the coming weeks.

Design credits go to Sean.

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