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Trailer trash

Living in a van down by the river? Maybe you just spend time there during the camping season…

Trailer Trash 017 (Large)

Either way, the only reason to be ashamed is if by “trailer trash” you mean the garbage you leave behind when you’re caravanning. That’s shit’s not cool and you can consider this a PSA to that effect.

But I digress.

Trailer Trash 002 (Large)

The Trailer Trash necklace is based on the fibreglass Trillium. Made in Alberta (the recreational vehicle – not the necklace). Little, lightweight, hardy.

Trailer Trash 011 (Medium)

This one is carved from 18 GA brassand strung on a vintage brass chain. Sanded and filed to a matte finish. Ready to hitch to yer car and hit the road.

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The Camp Cariboogie

Do you feel how much it feels like June? Last night was the perfect weather for a bike trip. And today was full of summer storm wind and sun showers. Who can help but think of camping at a time like this? Especially in light of the most recent addition to the family.

Since she still needs some work, I amassed a bucket of abrasive things…

And made with the scrubbing…

There is still a lot to do but for some reason (delusional tendencies), it doesn’t seem like that that much.

We’ve got to put new doors on the cupboards and slot some shelving in, but there are only three of those…

Figure out how to get the black spray paint off the rear window (WHO DOES THIS TO A WINDOW?), pull down that white batting and re-line the interior with carpet or something soft…

Figure out how to remove rust spots from fibreglass…

Re-do some old awful patch jobs done by previous owners…

Then find a mini-mattress, sew up some curtains for the windows, paint the exterior red and BAM. We’re camping.

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Winter Camping, Anyone?

Buying a trailer was not on my list of to-dos yesterday, however – when Sean found a ’71 Trillium on Kijiji for an amazing price, it jumped to high-priority.

We’d been looking for a mini hard-sided camper for ages but they’re always waaaaaaay out of our price range. Even the gutted ones are generally beyond our scope.

Not so with this one.

It’s in ship shape aside from some cosmetic needs. Red? Orange? Mystery Machine motif? How should we paint it?

Inside? We just need to line the walls with something (shag carpet?), scrub the gel-coated avocado-green surfaces down and have some cushions and curtains stitched up.

I know the orange walls look like they survived a fire, but that’s just the leftover glue that held the former insulation in place.

And some under-bench storage areas…

Now HOW am I supposed to focus on work today when all I want to do is trawl places like this and this and plan what it’s going to look like when I live in it down by the river next summer?

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Canadianarama Cuffs

A couple new pieces heading into the shop today include a new Ontario Trillium cuff…

And a new PEI Blue Jay cuff…

Another exciting piece of news? My studio is chugging along to the point where I may be able to move in this weekend and start working as early as Monday!

Words cannot express my excitement over this – partially because I can’t wait to have a beautiful new studio and partially because I can’t wait for our living space not to be a ram-jam mess of psycho with paint splattered everywhere! The couch cushions can no longer be flipped to hide the spills – we’re at capacity.

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