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No, no no, not spyware – motorcycles.

I made a custom wallet with the Norton logo on it for a friend’s dad. Please forgive the quality of the photos – they’re from my phone. Since the great Canon battery charger failure of 2012 (which it took a month or more to get on top of), I’d gotten so used to being camera-less, I keep walking out of the house without it.


I promise to remember it next week and to get plenty of photos of the stuff (new and old) I’m going to be re-stocking the Etsy shop with.

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I’m goin’ away

Turquoise was a theme this week…

I love this. LOVE. It’s based on an old 60s leatherwork pattern, but made a bit bigger to accommodate credit cards and jazzed up with the kind of colours it was probably never meant to be. Two pockets so you can keep your monies and plastics separated.

See how that works? I’m also going to make these out of some vintage ball gloves over the weekend.

Brass snaps. The Close Me Two Times Wallet. One for tomorrow. One just for today.

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Operation thin wallet

Guys asking after wallets always want the same thing – something thin. No, thinner. No, thinnest. Like a wafer. But with six or eight card slots (which always leads me to suggest the problem might not be with the wallet so much as the amount of junk in the wallet), but thin.

In the past, that’s been hard to do. The inserts I usually use are pre-cut and made of many layers and kind of bulky. The inserts I occasionally use are thinner, but lower-quality leather. The other option was hand-making my own, but that seemed it might end up being prohibitively expensive from a time standpoint.

Regardless, I tried it Tuesday.

Four card slots, all criss-crossing diagonally and it’s thin enough that I think, even with a variation that includes an additional pocket in the back for bills, this could be the one.

Made of natural, veg-tanned leather and hand-stitched. Lined with a super-soft suede. Plain. Utilitarian. Thin.

I’ve done my part. Now it’s yours not to overstuff it, Costanza.

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The Best Things in Life are Free

Need a new wallet? Guess what I’m giving away? HINT: The same thing you need.

I think I’m going to keep one of the below for myself, but the other one is up for grabs.

Do you love the Lister Block? Hate the Lister Block, but your old wallet is pooched? Have utter indifference toward the Lister Block, but love the smell of leather? I’m feeling share-y.

Leave a comment between now and Sunday evening. Say whatever you want. Hi is cool. Gimme is rude, but acceptable since I did say to say anything. A long-winded story about your day works as well. Monday morning, I’ll randomly draw a winner and ship out or hand off (depending on where you live) the goods.

Aaaaaaaaaaand GO!


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Play Ball

Tate recently asked if I could make a wallet out of an old baseball glove and I wondered, “why the heck not?”

As luck would have it, I was going to Aberfoyle with Jane on Sunday anyway, so I kept my eyes open for vintage sporting goods.

SCORE. I started with the catcher’s mitt because it had the largest palm.

And oh my I am in love with these! There are some mistakes with this guy (so I’l have to keep it) and it’s only got two card pockets, but I have plans.


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