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Holiday Prep!

I spent yesterday working on a custom order. A National Parks wallet.

This shot was a little premature. By the end of the day, I had it stained and lined so all that’s left this afternoon is stitching.

I’ve also got a group of Christmas orders on the slab for next week – some belts and a mandolin strap – if you want to check back then for pictures of the progress on them.

Finally, I have to flash my new holiday dress. While getting ready for the Hamilton Arts Council auction on Tuesday, I realized I didn’t feel like wearing any of the dresses in my closet and stopped by White Elephant.

I’m not exactly flush with cash right now so I debated going out and buying anything new, but eventually decided to do it because maybe “auction dress” could double as “holidays 2011 dress.”

I’m sooooooo glad I went when I did because this sucker is made of magic and would not have hung around the store long. Can you believe three girls tried it on at the vintage sale in Ottawa and left without it?

I have owned two pieces of clothing in my life that were so beautiful, complete strangers would stop in their tracks (on a daily basis) to gush over them. One was a tie-dyed summer dress I got at Le Chateau when I was 16 and one was a fun fur/velvet purple princess coat I got in Kensington Market when I was 19.

Both seemed to float around under their own power – I was invisible, beside the point. Passers-by were helpless against them. They had to props me. Do you have any clothes like that? Where the wearer is incidental to the wearing because the worn is so incredible on its own?

This dress joins those other pieces – the sundress and the coat – in the closets of my past to form a trifecta of sartorial sorcery. Sooooo many people commented on it. So many. And, of course, no one was surprised to hear where it came from.

I’ll tell you what I told them – this little number was one of about a dozen I tried on at White Elephant and they were all awesome, so if you’re in need of a party dress this season and you head down to James Street NOW, you might get lucky.

PS – I could not get a full photo of this dress to save my life, but you get the picture. Pun intended.

PS Part II – Thanks to the Hamilton Arts Council for a great night on Tuesday!


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Week’s End Notes

Since I was early with the purse yesterday, I feel it’s cool to be late with the new additions today. Working on some Hide and Cyc stuff which will be posted here and in the new shop tomorrow.

Also, on the off chance you’re planning to purchase any leather at White Elephant this weekend, hold your horses! I picked everything up today because I’m sweeping out the old in the new year. Expect fresh goods and designs next week, complete with nouveau sales tags C/O Copydog!

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I just got a copy of the fall issue of Tidings, where my piece on The Carriage House Cooperage has been published. I’ll link as soon as it’s online, or you can pony up the cash for a hard copy.

Also, I dominated the Art Crawl on Friday, with paintings at Bike Hounds

Loose Canon (I only got a photo of mine from the back because the street was too rammed for me to go outside and take pictures, but it’s the surf-themed skateboard I posted a few days ago )…

…and White Elephant.

In addition to displays spread throughout the store, I had this little demo station to show people how tooling works.

I also had a few paintings in the store as evidenced by the canvas above our heads here.

Wow. My smile looks super fake and wooden compared to Hollie and Jane’s easy, breezy au naturel smiles. I’m not used to showing teeth and made a conscious effort to try since Sean tells me I look even more fake smiling without teeth. Well here you go Sean – now I look like a puppet from the Island of Misfit Toys!

Special thanks to White Elephant for providing me with my own personal stash of PB cups for the evening! That’s from the heart – not from my uninsured (misfit) teeth.

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Packing up a new crop of earrings and necklaces to send over to White Elephant.

Other than that, I just had a few writing projects dropped in my lap and am working, working, working on finishing them up by tomorrow.

Speaking of which, here’s something – I was just invited to a travel journalist’s conference in Nevada. I know this is no special invite and I’m one of many to be asked, but still…pretty fun.

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