May 2011

Rock Point Party

In need of some nature? A quick overnight to Rock Point Provincial Park fits the bill.

Load up yer bikes.

Follow the river.

Grill dinner in the middle of a small lake.

Stare at the water.

Don’t forget to eat at Flyers Bakery & Cafe in Dunville.

Party with some horses.

Finish with a Boneshaker.

I’m working towards a writing deadline today, but am dying to start on some more leather this week. Fingers crossed, I’ll have a couple new cuffs up by the end of the week.

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May is Cystic Fibrosis Month

Click here to read the piece I wrote for the Hamilton Spectator – profiles of two local families and how cystic fibrosis affects their daily lives.

Both the Dows and the Whaleys are participating in the Great Strides walk this Sunday (in Hamilton and Stephensville) and aiming to top the pledges they raised last year ($13, 000 and $7, 000 respectively).

If you can’t make it out but want to donate, you can sponsor Team Katie here and Team Ella here.

Thanks to both families for sharing so much of their time and tales with me.

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Stuff to Love

In lieu of posting pictures of the leather work I haven’t finished, here are a couple links to things you might love.

First up – Tomboy Style. Do you know this site? Probably. I am behind the techno-times.

I want myself that sweater (and probably those skills).

I swear I just wore this outfit – without the Ralph Lauren handbag.

Hmmm, car-washing looks pretty enjoyable…maybe I’ll try that one of these days.

Next up – web series, The Bitter End. Oh my my! How I laughed. It’s hilarious. I’ve been trying so hard to save the next couple episodes for a post-work day reward, but I caved and watched episode two over lunch.

If you can’t find this funny, we probably can’t be friends.

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Thanks, The Queen!

How necessary was this past weekend? I think I did 30 minutes of work and a pantload of well-deserved relaxing. Between dog walks and climbing and BBQs and biking and running and patios, I was outside pretty much the entire time.

Sadly, we only at a camera on hand Sunday, but let’s have a look at that afternoon.

Post-breakfast at the West Town (get the Greek omelette) and climbing at Gravity, we walked Memphis, then went for a bike ride. Up the rail trail to Stoney Creek, along Mountain Brow and Scenic Drive, to the far end of the Chedoke Rail Trail.

Don’t worry – you can keep up. It’s only camera effects that make me look like I’m moving fast as The Flash. Or is it the Linus? You can buy one here.

This is for people who think Hamilton is an industrial hole – is your city blanketed with a canopy of greenery a la this?

And where’s your Escarpment with streets dynamited into it? Pipe down, The West.

Concession Street is still from the 1950s. AWESOME. Maybe I can get a bouffant hairdo somewhere up there one day.

Not sure which of Hamilton’s many waterfalls this is – with more than 120, it’s hard to keep track. Ho-hum, the trials and tribulations of living in the Shire!

Zooooom! I should be on Bike Hounds‘ payroll riding around town looking like a billboard for their bikes, helmets and panniers. PS – I added one of my crossbar protectors to my bike on Friday. You can’t see it here, but I’ll get a better picture soon.

Wow, Hamilton, you’re like a gingerbread village, sweet and lovely in the summer sun! Give me a pint to wash you down with!

That’s more like it! Now, where are our friends?

Bonjour Rob and Katy – thanks for driving from Montreal!

Salut Mike and Kieran (PS – stunning shawl) and Hollie – thanks for biking from James Street!

Ahhhhhhh, what did everyone else do this weekend? I hope it was as satisfying for you as it was for all those pictured here.

I’ve got a couple writing assignments in the coming weeks, but hope to work on a few more Canadianarama feather cuffs before the week is out. Check back tomorrow!

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Looooong Weekend

Can we take a minute to appreciate what an incredible effect nice weather has on everyone?

I spent most of the last four hours riding my bike around town – My Thai (digression – I’d never been and, for whatever reason, had minimal interest in eating there, what with the tasty of Thai Memory right around the corner. However, fast + friendly + delicious + affordable + rice and spring roll included with the main dish = win), White Elephant, the Farmers’ Market, Bryan Prince, Fortino’s and the LCBO – and got into such nice conversations with strangers in every single place.

The only odd one was with the woman who warned me not to leave my dog tied up outside because “dognappers take them and sell them to science,” but even that was enjoyable considering the only kind of crazy I could fault her for was obviously being crazy about The Edison Twins.

I only wish there were enough hours before tonight’s BBQ to ride over to Mulberry and have a coffee with my new book.

While I’m making salsa, you can check out the necklace I picked up at White Elephant. I forget the name of the artist, but I’m sure Jane or Hollie can remind me.

MACAW. Don’t forget your sunscreen this weekend.


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