October 2012

New E-Digs

Oh hi! I don’t have much to show today except this. BAM. Sean gets the pat on the back for it – taking what was in my head and making it real on the Interwebs.

Now…should I migrate this blog over there? I’m feeling the need for some clean, white space in my day to day. What do you think? Will you miss the dirty old Victorian background to my ramblings?

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Weathering the storm

No, I was not swept away in yesterday’s storm – I was up at a cabin near Bancroft. It was kind of a whirlwind mini-vacation, and all the rain meant we were mostly indoors, but we had enough books, blankets and food to keep cozy and busy.

Dream! I want to live in this cabin forever.

Howdy, neighbour!

Sigh, sigh, sigh. Aaaaaaaaand sigh again.

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Of Wrists and Rushdie

Really, what I want to do is show off the stuff I made in my silversmithing class. Last night I hit a point where I felt like – BAM. I can everlovin’ DO. THIS. BIZ.

Not that I’m a pro yet, but there’s just so much you can make with no more than a jeweller’s saw and files! I had a hard time sleeping because I couldn’t stop dreaming up designs. Next week, everything should be soldered and filed and ready for its close-up.

In the meantime, I made a whack of really simple cuffs (not pictured) and a handful some based on this belt design.

In other news (like, the actual news), I interviewed Salman Rushdie. You can find the story here. He’s reading in Hamilton tomorrow night.

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Fly High

And why not put them on necklaces too? I’m into it.

This guy’s on a gold-plated chain.

This one, antique brass.

And these fellas are on sterling silver. By my estimation, I only have to cut out another 120 feathers (ay yi yi) before I have enough to make the remaining necklaces and earrings I want in my City of Craft inventory.


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