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Camera crisis

I made a pin to hold the shawl I got from Good Night, Day. If I could have gotten a decent one of the whole works in action, I would have, but I’m working with half a crew here. My godawful Canon charger (which I have only used twice ever so it should be in brand new condish) died while sitting around on a shelf doing no work so I’m trying to wrangle iPhone cameras to do the work of something bigger.


SAM_2827 (Large)

Hand-carved, tooled, painted and stitched to a piece of moosehide.

SAM_2828 (Large)

I LIKE IT LOTS. Planning to make more, but this month is already shaping up to be crazy. I may shut down the shop for a few weeks to get some new stock, photos, descriptions and whatnot in place, then bust out the goods in time for February.

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Kickin’ It

I was working on these for the CSCL Annual and then to sell in the shop, but I was using a new pattern that turned out to be missing a bunch of instructions so there were some fairly large mistakes in the making.

Of course, the default in this situation is that I keep them for myself – good thing I made them in my size!

I threw in some modifications even before all the mistakes started requiring them to disguise the disaster. These include the painted and appliqued leaves and the ankle strap.

The necessary additions include the tabs for lacing and even though they kick these boots up to a higher plane of LOTR nerdism than I’d planned, I think I like them.

I don’t really like the whip stitch on the toe tabes though, so I may rip that lace out and re-do it in a different style. It just looks too cheap and underdone compared to the overdoneness of everything else these moccs have going for them.

Otherwise, as soon as the hide shortage ends, I plan to put together another pair for sale.


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In Progress

Working through my boots. Today was meant to be devoted to painting, but I finished that much faster than I thought I would so I’ve mostly been staring at the pattern for putting this all together and getting confused.

Let’s focus on what I know – stitching the leaves on to the sides of the boots.

I think my overboard-i-tude with colour makes my stuff seem sort of frivolous to the old-school leatherworkers in the CSCL. When I submitted a belt for the annual judging last year, the judges called it a “fashion belt.” What I will call moccasins this year, they will, no doubt, call “fashion boots.”

I can’t help it! Who wants to be monochromatic? Don’t you get depressed like that? Especially in winter when everything is bleak and shades of shade already?

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Walk a Mile

I have a good reason for not posting yesterday – I was busy making these bad boys…

I started by cutting size 9 patterns into a beautiful cut of tough-as-nails moosehide. Then I spent a nutty amount of time hand-punching 464 separate holes into said hide.

That part was Saturday and the heel of my right hand still aches from the press of the punch.

I cut toe tabs from 6/7-oz veg-tanned leather, then carved, tooled, hand-painted and stained them with autumn leaves before stitching them onto the moosehide in a sort of simulation of seed-beading (which I hope to learn in the coming months).

Stitched the moccasins together through two episodes of This American Life, testing different threads and needles to see what worked best. I ended up going with the same thick waxed cord I use for larger purses.

After that, I cut insoles from bridle leather and fitted them to the foot beds.

Put them on. Danced a jig.

I’m aiming to offer these as a custom order in the shop shortly. Since this was a trial run, it took a lot longer than it should have. Now that I know what I’m doing, I’ll have to bang out another pair to see what the price will be.

In the meantime, let me direct you to the most hilarious episode of The Debaters I’ve ever heard – Pie versus Cake. The contenders just kill me and if it were possible to marry a person’s laugh, I would propose to Steve Patterson’s in this episode. PS – Sorry Sean.

Let me also give you a suggestion for movie-watching if you’re a fan of Adam Scott (and if you’re not, I probably can’t respect your cinematic preferences anymore).

Proving that, in addition to many marvelous non-sibling roles, he is to the pair of dysfunctional brothers (see also this and this) what John Cusack is to the duped lover standing in the rain, Scott is amazing in The Vicious Kind.

I have minor beefs with different parts of this movie (ie: not sure how I feel about Brittany Snow/why is the younger brother such an empty non-character he might as well have been played by a hologram?), but overall you should NetFlix this one up. It’s dark, it’s funny, and your heart will swell with national cultural pride until you remember Adam Scott isn’t actually Canadian. What is it that makes him seem like such an awesome hoser?


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The Buzz

I had to shuffle things around due to a last-minute addition of Shoot from the Hip/Hide & Cyc to this weekend’s Beehive Summer Craft Fair, so you’re getting a sneak peek at some new leather designs now instead of next week.

This Friday night during Art Crawl and all day Saturday, I will be joining an all-star roster of crafters at the Old Friendship Shop on James North near Wilson.

The goods are so good, I have already mentally allocated any profit I may make to fellow featured artists including Sartoria.

Beside sales on new-old stock, I’m bringing some new-new stock including the below Hoser Cuff, the Faux the Bois Cuff (though it also works faux the ladies) and the Western Belle Cuff.

See you there!

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