May 2010

Finishing Touches

Here comes the home stretch on the Casbah paintings.  I fully mangled one of the big ones this past week and had to start over. It would be a huge pain if I didn’t love the way the new one is turning out.

I’ll post them all here when they’re ready to roll.  In the meantime, the Basset Bustle took place up at the SPCA today. Sean (sporting a new summer haircut) got slobbed on by a bunch of dogs…

…and we brought a new foster dog home!

This is Pepper and she is the sweetest hound. If you want to adopt her, go here to fill out an application.  She  is:

– A very good walker – no pulling and can trot around town all day.

– Totally sociable with other dogs and people.

– Housebroken.

– Not at all chewy or destructive.

– So cute. Her ears are a mile long and her face is so scrunched and jowl-y.

– Affectionate. She is waggy and follows me around the house.

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You Better Believe It…

…that I have never felt so completely, definitive-of-the-word-ly heartbroken as I am over not getting this.

No lost or squandered opportunity, grant, job, boy, friend, or sad movie where an animal gets hurt has ever made me quite as sad-sack and listless. I was just so so so optimistic and now I am just so so so south. Still.

Guys, girls, for real, it is killing my heart not to be able to go there. You know how it feels when a place is like a person to you and you just miss it to death?

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Saddle Up Sister

A custom order below. Two wild filly wallets for a pair of Brooklyn-based sisters – city slickers with cash to carry in style.

I’ve also got a quintet of bourbon flasks to hammer out for a lovely lady in Philadelphia. There were a few snafu’s dealing with Etsy (not the first time Etsy has misstepped during purchase lately – not the fault of the buyers at all), but we have come up with a solution and I hope to skip off to score some raw materials in the coming days.

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I Scream for Airstream

I was not expecting to wake up this morning and spend money on a piece of art, but have I ever in my life been so enamored of a painting? No is the answer to that question! So I justified it to myself in two ways…

#1) I have never purchased an original painting. As someone who has had the good fortune to sell original paintings to others, I felt it was time to balance the scales.

#2) My credit card generally sits at zero specifically so that I can treat myself to something every so often and pay it off in a responsible fashion.

Check it out! Taralee Guild is a Thunder Bay native studying at the Emily Carr Institute in B.C. and she has shot me right in the centre of my 1960’s camper-loving heart!

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Kick Ass Style

No time for posting when there is crime to fight. Law to take into my own hands.

If any of you Hamilton readers see either of the below bikes cruising around the city, knock the riders down and steal their rides please? They were illegally obtained.

The Batavus BUB in a men’s frame. Just like this, only dark gray instead of black and no racks.

The Batavus Intermezzo.

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