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But no eggnog because pouring will be a disaster. Also, IT’S DISGUSTING.

As Christmas comes closer, my list of gifts grows – not for the people I need to buy, make and do for of course (Ha!), but for the friends of friends and people looking for leather gifts.

I sent some flasks out at the beginning of the week…

flasks 003 (Large)

Always a huge seller for me at Christmas. Question though – while I like these flasks just fine, I think I recently saw the site of a Canadian flask-maker somewhere. I believe it was a he and I’m pretty sure he used copper in his awesome construction. If you can think of who this might be, please leave a comment and let me know! I want to try covering a couple.

flasks 008 (Large)

NOTE: Anyone reading this and thinking the above flask is bound for him/her, you are incorrect. Just so you know. I’m not wrecking any presents here. For sure it’s not yours.

OTHER NOTE: I love the new image uploader on WordPress!

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The Di Niro Hunter

I’m heading out into the wild snowy woods of Dryden, Ontario next week so I guess it’s goodbye until the 28th.

In the meantime, please cross your fingers for good weather and true aim.


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That’s what it’s been here! Why, you ask?

Let’s take a look. First of all, I spent Thursday (or was it Wednesday?) working on this. Finally have some pictures of it laid out flat…

Then I was tied up with some gifts for groomsmen…

I’m really psyched about the Canada Grain one. This was not my idea, but the brainchild of one of the groomsmen – the same one who bought my painting of the Canada Grain rail car a few weeks back.

I’m also 100% behind the personalized flasks. They look even better than I thought they would, especially with the highlighting.

I’ve got another something to show off, but that’s going to have to wait until Monday.

Also up on Monday? I’m doing the weekly post over at the Beehive blog. Subject? TOP SECRET. Stop by to check it out.


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Smuggle In Style

Five flasks.

Three with personalizations on their rears.

At the request of the buyer, one of the whiskey flasks is stained a dark fudge colour instead of the caramel shade I usually use. Love this call – it looks niiiiiiiiice.

UNRELATED UPDATE: sometimes Brody goes to climb into bed, but gets tired partway there. Then he sleeps like this…

PS – Do you want to adopt him yet or what?

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Up to my Elbows…

…in leather.

One piece of writing off in the email and though I’m sure that won’t be the last I see of it, that will be all for a couple days at least.

In the meantime, I have orders to catch up on – observe! A group of five flask covers – just sprayed and waiting for some highlighter.

A National Parks strap – freshly tooled and waiting for a triple coat of resist.

I also have a dog collar that doesn’t look like much right now, but you wait!

Please excuse. I’m off and running to Bryan Prince to pick up some books.  I’m stoked about all the panelists this year, particularly Sara Quin (who I find awesome) and Georges Laraque (who I find hilarious).

The Birth House is the only book I’ve read and, while I really liked it, I think Debbie Travis has already screwed herself and her pick by pitching it hardcore as A) something that will appeal strongly to female readers and B) something she’ll use to teach the male panelists a thing or two.

Wroooooong tactic. The competition is about finding the book that every Canadian should read. Debbie just shot herself in the foot by ruling out 50% (roughly 50%? I don’t know – I’m not StatsCan) of the population.

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