March 2012

Hot Off the Press

Today I’m starting a part-time job at The Hamilton Spectator. I’ll be working for the Go section – the same section I’ve been freelancing with for the last year.

I’m going to try to come up with a schedule that involves a lot of weekend picture-taking so I can continue to update here daily (mostly for Kieran’s sake, because I know this site has a tenuous hold on a “top five” position in his hierarchy of blog entertainment), but I just wanted to put it out there. If I miss a day here and there getting used to the new routine, you can find me over at The Spec.

That said, this week might be a bit of a write-off. In addition to starting a new job, gritLIT begins tonight and runs through to Sunday so I’ll be running from work to various venues around town, shuttling authors and manning tables and the like.

Check the events – tonight’s is a freebie and guaranteed to be great. The first-ever Hamilton Reads will see ten local celebrities (including writer Miranda Hill, musician Jeremy Greenspan and civic superhero Matt Jelly) defending the ten books on the OLA’s Evergreen List. I’m psyched about it!

PS – If you come, please bring me dinner.

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In Progress

Working through my boots. Today was meant to be devoted to painting, but I finished that much faster than I thought I would so I’ve mostly been staring at the pattern for putting this all together and getting confused.

Let’s focus on what I know – stitching the leaves on to the sides of the boots.

I think my overboard-i-tude with colour makes my stuff seem sort of frivolous to the old-school leatherworkers in the CSCL. When I submitted a belt for the annual judging last year, the judges called it a “fashion belt.” What I will call moccasins this year, they will, no doubt, call “fashion boots.”

I can’t help it! Who wants to be monochromatic? Don’t you get depressed like that? Especially in winter when everything is bleak and shades of shade already?

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Can You Handle It?

“It” being this 1928 camera. I can’t. It’s amazing. I don’t know anything about photography except that I wish I knew how to use this.

It belongs to Hamilton artist, John Haney, and last week, I put a new leather handle on it to replace the original which had given way after almost a century’s worth of service.

I riveted the old one on to the new as a little tribute.

This week I’m working on my last-minute contribution to the CSCL Annual. I meant to start this a few weeks ago but when I went to pick up the rust-red buffalo hide I needed, I found out there’s a moosehide shortage going on right now.

I was able to rustle up just enough to do what I have in mind (thanks to a fellow member who had some sitting around that he wasn’t using), but I only received it today so it’s going to be a wild couple of days.  A new design + no room for error – free time = stressful!

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