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Oh deer

Finally! I’d been looking for a solid-seam-constructed pewter flask for ages and finally found a supplier.

These handmade pewter flasks hold the same six ounces as my stainless steel flasks, but they’re nicer, weightier, better suited to a back pocket.

IMG_1630 (Large)

I think I’ll keep this one for quality control purposes…


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Oh Deer!

Considering I’m going away shortly, I should be focussed on tying loose ends up rather than collecting them like some sort of obsessive.

However, this is the way of freelance work (raining, pouring, old men snoring…or something to do with raining and pouring anyway), so yesterday I accepted a custom order and jammed it through the four-hour window required to ensure it arrives in time for the weekend.

Oh, and all wrapped in my beautiful new shipping materials even! I love sending fancy mail.

A bunch more writing to work on this week, but first? Surf’s up on Ontario and it’s work-related so I don’t even have to feel bad about “not working.”

Not going to lie here – I’m a little worried about this because the forecast says something about seven foot waves and I am comfortable with a maximum of five, but maybe I can flounder about in the mushy stuff near the shore if it’s too intense? Please let there be mushy stuff near the shore…

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The Dryden Droplet

Another antler piece.

I love how simple this one is. Like a single pearl strung on a chain, only for the girl who likes to mix a little grit with her glamour (have you noticed yet how much Amy adores alliteration? Have I made that joke before? Probably, but it is the best poetic device and I do love cheesy jokes, so why not once more?).

More of my favourite brass chain.

You can find this in the shop starting now.

And finally – stay tuned tomorrow for the final chapter in “home-tanning hides” as well as a few of the first pieces I plan to make from it this year.

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Your Own Antlers

I’ve got a couple pais of these deearrings in the studio with plans for some similar necklaces.

Made from my very favourite antique brass rope chain and slices of my deer’s antlers.

Look for them in the shop tomorrow afternoon.


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Oh Deer!

I made myself a little something this holiday season as well – a necklace from one of the antlers of my first deer.

I stretched these guys way out. When the leather is finally finished (still drying in the basement right now, waiting to be sanded), I have a few antler buttons to stitch on to things.

I`ve also got a handful of antler discs I plant to turn into necklaces and earrings in the next few days.

Coming up soon! In the meantime, some new dresses and a skirt over here.

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