Bag it

I had some time to make just a handful of larger items for City of Craft and I’m pretty psyched about how they all turned out. No hiccups or problems with the process. Everything went smoothly which doesn’t usually happen when I’m spazzing around about getting big pieces done in a hurry.

There are these handlebar bags – made of chocolate and a kind of pumpkin brown leather. Brass hardware. Hand-stitched with waxed linen thread.



And one Daily Planet purse. This is exactly the right size for carrying around a Canon Rebel, cord, charger, wallet and small notebook. Or whatever you want to put in there instead.


Made of a beautiful brown leather that scratches and distresses easily, this bag will only look more awesome as you use and abuse it.


All the hardware is heavy-duty brass. All the stitching is done by hand with waxed linen thread.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go knock off another round of writing for the final day of NaNoWriMo!


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Drink up

A couple new flask designs today. I’ve got two more in the works but need to pick up more flasks to stitch them on to.

First up is the Sable Island Flask:


Then the Summit Series Flask:


Finally, I was listening to podcasts of Q yesterday and when I hit on one that featured the folksy-fantastic trio Trent Severn I just about died. They do with music what I hope to do with every creative move I make. Listen to their interview. They explain it better than I will. If I had a stitch of musical talent in my soul, this is the music I would want to play. And did I mention that I originally fully intended to name my leather/soon-to-include-metal line Severn? Thisclose.




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Bird’s Nest

I know I’m supposed to be focussing on making a million of a smaller number of things for the approaching City of Craft, but I started messing with some of the feathers I had laying around and I really like these necklaces, particularly the circular bird’s nest ones.

All this week I’ll post necklaces and earrings – they’re what I spent all last week doing when I got back from up north.

Today and yesterday I started stitching wallets and change purses, but I’ve still got flasks and some bike bags and hopefully a couple of larger camera bags to work on.

Meantime, my deer hide is drying in the basement. It’s unfortunately not going to be tanned and ready for City of Craft, but it should be ready before the end of the year which will be exciting. I’m pretty pumped to see how it turns out tanned by the pros over at Rebel Tannery.

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Drum roll

Belts were on yesterday’s list. I knocked off four military-style belts in various colours…

All with nice, heavy-duty hardware…

I also made seven bow belts, ranging in size from 25-34 inches. These are meant to be worn high on the waist with a dress or skirt, so I figured that’s a pretty good starter selection. Sadly, no pictures of them since I didn’t finish until 5:30 and by then it was black as night. Kind of depressing, but kind of cozy too.

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