December 2010

Ten, Nine, Eight…

I’m not a New Year’s person – I don’t make annual resolutions and I don’t buy a break-the-bank party dress (I make weekly resolutions and buy $4 dresses year-round). The change in date has always seemed insignificant to me, owing partly to the feeling -leftover from elementary, high school and university- that September is the fresh start.

This is the first year of my life where the new calendar year has actually felt like the beginning of a NEW YEAR and I think this has something to do with the fact that I quit my part-time job over Christmas 2009. At the time, I thought to myself, even if I can only make a go of this (“this” being writing and art) for a year, I’ll be happy…

Not so now, one year later.

2010 was, personally and professionally, probably the best year of my life so far. I know how few people get to experience the kind of freedom and opportunity I’ve enjoyed over the last 12 months and I can honestly say there wasn’t a single day out of the last 365 that I didn’t stop at some point, sit and fully appreciate my lot in life – to be able to make my own timetable, to break at 3pm and take Memphis for a walk, to bake my own bread while I’m writing, to listen to the radio from dawn to dusk while I’m painting, to ride over to the bike shop and go for lunch with Sean, to take a day off in the middle of the week and visit family, to love Mondays because they signal the beginning of a new work week?

This is why, now that a year has passed,  a year is not enough. I’m grateful, but greedy. Hungry for another. Determined to dig my heels in and hang on.

Designs are sketching themselves in my mind, stories are forming on the outskirts of my imagination, intentions are moving through my limbs like lightning. I have plans and hopes and amazing people and ideas and determination and luck (such luck!) and opportunity and…

…a new $6 dress to wear out with my shiny shoes tonight.

See you in 2011.

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Operation Thin Wallet

Happy belated Christmas, readers! I left town in a hurry, with no time to post a farewell but have plenty of time to say welcome back and I hope your holidays were/are going warm and well.

I’m going to post a few images of one very excellent present I got this year (handmade by Sean – a marvel of both engineering and aesthetics I think), but in the meantime, here’s a little something I made him.

A thin wallet, as yet nameless. This is going to be the first inductee to the Hyde and Cyc shop. A small, easy wallet with very little bulk, it’s perfect for a card, a key and a couple bills if you’re heading out for a ride and you don’t want to deal with a whole handlebar bag. Also works well for non-cyclists who want to de-Costanzafy their back pockets.

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Race to the Finish

It’s bay-race training time again and race day nightmares have started early this year – last night I dreamed Around the Bay moved to some small town in New York State. I made it to the start line six minutes before the gun, hadn’t had any water and couldn’t seem to double-knot my laces.  When I started running, I didn’t know the route at all, there were no markers and there was a mandatory sit-down lunch at a restaurant in the middle of the race.

I usually don’t start having these kinds of nightmares until a week or two before the big event, but since last year one of them came true (I ended up locked inside a retirement home at start time because a race bunny told me I could use their washroom last-minute. Word to the wise – those places lock from the inside and gooooooood luck trying to escape) they have begun in earnest.

Anywhoooo I’m heading out for a long run right now, but have a couple custom orders to knock off this afternoon and tomorrow. Should have some pictures up before the day is over.

Get out and enjoy the sun if you’re lucky enough to have as much of it as Hamilton does right now!

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