February 2010

Ho Hum Dum De Dum

Here is some of what I did today…

– Worked on a birthday/thank you cuff for Karin.

– Allowed Memphis to sleep on the couch. He was sick! He’s still fragile!

– Made falafals and a loaf of bread.

– Watched Sean silk screen some T-shirts. The intended message of them is I Camp Ontario Parks, but there is a dirty subliminal message also. You can figure it out.

– Transcribed. Listed things on Etsy.

– Rustled up a present for other Karen (with an E not an I), who should look no further if she’s reading this because it will ruin her own surprise.

In other news, if anyone can tell me why I can no longer type between photos without having the text appear all over the place in ths published post, that would be awesome. You know what I’m saying? If I try to jibber jabber throughout the post, adding captions to photos, the whole thing looks totally wonky when I hit publish.


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Photo Wreck

How do you take good pictures? Why don’t I have the patience to learn? I am so tired of being so awful at this!

On the upside, I am writing for Canadian Geographic again this month.

Someone else will be providing pictures.

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Leather Leftovers

Please find below some nicer shots of the earrings I posted yesterday, as well as a few new trinkets.

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Dust Your Ears Off

I was so into bracelets and necklaces I completely forgot about my new favourite earrings.

Made for Hillside. Meant for brave ladies. These feathers measure four inches in length and sweep your shoulders when you wear them.

Besides remembering these, I’m at a bit of a loss today. I have a long list of “to-do’s” and can’t seem to move on any of them. I blame the snow, which dumped on Hamilton so beautifully last night, but weighs me down today.

I’m going to lay this list out in black and white and hope that seeing it hang in cyberspace will spur me to action…

– Cut leather for my first purse with a strap.

– Finish the feather bracelet I’m making Karin as a thank-you for her enormous Hillside help.

– Clean up this mess of a studio. How did it get to be such a disaster so quickly?

– Put together a look book so I can start shopping leather around to a couple Toronto stores I think might be interested.

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Memphis is cured! However, since I spent most of the weekend stressing about his recovery (with a break for four hours of intense east end bowling Saturday night), I’m going to have to re-hash some old arts action.

The following photos were taken by Peter Michael Wilson during February’s James North Art Crawl. Friends of mine bought an amazing old diner on the street and jazzed it up for the Crawl so people could see the original fixtures and furnishings before they start renovating the space.

I got to live a bit of a dream by serving beer and pie all night in my roller skates and a vintage diner dress I bought years ago that just happened to match the old-man-pants-green of the diner perfectly.

What an awesome night. One of those that goes on longer than you think you have the steam for until you hear birds chirping.

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