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Feeling smithy

I know Christmas isn’t a contest, but Sean always wins. How am I supposed to compete with the level of thought he puts into presents when he INVENTS NEW INVENTIONS FOR GIFTS? First there was the storage shelf for my canvas, then the press for my leather dies and now this.

SAM_2855 (Large)

I thought I was going to have to forego a jeweller’s bench because they’re expensive and I don’t really have space in the studio for another piece of furniture, but he made this thing, which is compatible with my existing table.

The marble surface is for firing things and the metal is for hammering. It also has a built-in benchpin.

SAM_2857 (Large)

It’s amazing. He’s amazing. And all he got was this lousy T-shirt!


*The term camplaigning (to bitch and moan, but about something worthwhile like municipal issues) is courtesy of Mike Jerome.

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Miss Dress-Up

Hey, Internet! Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry, I’m not grinch enough to say I don’t like any and all excuses to be celebratory and I’ve been happy to find dog-featuring valentines hidden all over the house today – some attached to chocolate, some to flowers, some to magazines.

Moving on – during Friday’s Art Crawl, I picked up a Colette Pattern from Needlework.

It says BEGINNER on the front and the instructions look straightforward enough so today I cut a tissue-paper Peony dress.

Over the weekend, I snapped up a few meters of fabric from Value Village to practice on (tip: if you lack faith in your sewing abilities, I strongly recommend this. Value V has tonnes of fabric and you can get 2-3 M for $3. Much cheaper, and less heart-breaking, than making your mistakes on the good stuff). If I can get that out of the way this weekend, I’m going to pick up an Ikat-esque fabric Needlework carries and start the real deal next week.

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Summer Cycling

As I’ve said in the past, one of the upsides of your man owning a bicycle shop is the endless parade of new bikes available to choose from/drool over.

One of the downsides (though also sort of an upside, kind of like the fake strong weakness you give in job interviews – It’s a curse, but I can be a perfectionist. It’s true. I can’t help but strive to surpass expectation haha!) is there are new bikes each season. And if you’re cycling-obsessed as Sean and I are, it’s tough to stick to last season’s decisions when the new rides roll through in April.

This season, I have been totally taken by Linus.

These bikes are so beautiful. Simple. Clean. Classic. Affordable. Leather hand grips (the ideal match to some of the new Hide & Cyc gear I’m working on). Olive green. I’ve been coveting an olive-coloured bike since Sean bought his Long Haul Trucker in 2005. And though I’m a huge advocate of the step-through frame (I still have my Old Dutch to use on dress days) for both ladies and gents, I must admit that I do love a girl on a men’s frame. Especially when that girl is me.


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Tag – You’re It!

New sales tags from Copydog. I love them.

What else? There was something else I was going to say…I have bike designs spilling out my ears, but not enough time in the weekend to finish them since I’m going home to visit family tomorrow to Sunday.

Dang. If I remember, I’ll be back. Otherwise, until Monday Interwebbers.  Enjoy your weekend!

Oh right! Check out my new ad – set to run on Love it a Lot in the coming weeks.

Design credits go to Sean.

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This lunch break brought to you by Sean’s chicken soup.

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