September 2010

Trade Blah for Bright

It’s kind of a gray day out right now, so to sunshine up your afternoon – here are three bright, splashy, summer-coloured paintings for your eyeballs.

Leon Furs

MacNab Peak

Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

These (along with three more in-the-works) pieces will be on sale at the fall art show and sale at the AGH this November.

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My necklace from Rosy Revolver finally arrived (despite the best efforts of Canada Post and USPS to keep me in the dark) and booooooo-yaaaaa!

I put it on as soon as I rescued it from the First Place post office and wanted to wear it to bed last night, but as you can see – it’s huge. I opted not to chance a midnight concussion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jess for being so great to work with.

And thank you as well to an online tutorial (can’t find the link right now, but it was a simple series of about six photos. The search continues), which taught me to do the Heidi braids I’ve always longed for. I don’t care if I’m too old for this. Welcome to my new ‘do – just don’t check it out from the rear as I don’t think I’ll ever learn to part my hair properly.

Painting updates forthcoming.

PS – Why am I getting so much spam about kettleballs right now?

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Bead It

Please read the above headline to the tune of MJ’s hit song.

Now. To business. I want to learn to bead. Like so:

Please allow me a couple weeks to get all my painting out of the way and then I’ll start on this. I feel like all the elements of beading might be too small and fine for my bumbling hands, but we’ll give it a whirl. I am determined to do this.

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Winged wallet…

And a simple, slender bracelet that loops twice ’round the wrist and closes by way of a nickel-plated snap…

More to come.

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