October 2013


I had meant to show off some new designs, but forgot the proper cable for my SLR, so instead, here’s an iPhone look back at the last couple weeks.

What’s new? Tonnes of exciting stuff.

The Trillium, you already know about…

IMG_2383 (Large)

But you might not know about this, and it might not be a thing you can get anywhere other than Barrie. I haven’t looked into it yet.

IMG_2386 (Large)

That, my friends, is a Boston Cream Timbit. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that I willed this into existence with the sheer force of my desire. I’m not going to discount that as an option. But I am going to praise Tim for it either way.

Have you seen these anywhere else? Non-Barrie-ites?

Moving on from what I’m eating to what I’m drinking – wintergreen tea.

IMG_2400 (Large)

I picked all this up at Land and am drying it in the hopes it’s tasty tea (tas-tea?) but I think I might be semi-screwed because I skipped the fermentation step and went straight to the drying. I’ll let you know.

Next up, what am I reading?

IMG_2385 (Large)

Finished The Orenda while camping and it was awesome. Started Minister Without Portfolio the other night and I’m into it so far. Referring to the Field & Stream Guide as I need it (for instance – bannock. It’s what’s for dinner).

What am I writing? Here’s Matt Mays, who I interviewed for this story and who played in Hamilton the other week.

IMG_2392 (Medium)

And here’s Moody Blue, who I interviewed for an upcoming story (ok his owner did most of the talking).

IMG_2445 (Large)

And then because of all this has exhausted me this fall, we went shopping for a new bed!

IMG_2448 (Large)

That’s right. We’re getting a bed. I’ve never had a new bed as an adult…I can’t remember if I had a new one as a kid or if I used siblings’ beds. Either way, the last decade of sleeping on the worst of the worst has erased all memory of potential past comforts.

Since University I’ve moved from a super hard single dorm bed, to a plain mattress on the floor, to a plain mattress in a loft, to a single saggy mattress on the upper berth of a wire bunk bed, to a Thermarest, to a mattress in a van, to various additional mattresses on floors (I’m talking about the plain old-school ones that are like, three inches in height), to a used IKEA bed.

As such, I can fall asleep on a cement floor with noooooo problems. I’d never really considered my sleeping life uncomfortable until last night, when we Goldilocks’d all these beds at Sears and the Bay.

Have you spent any time on one of these fancy ones with different layers and kinds of cushioning? They’re incredible. Now that we’re getting one, I can barely bear to look at the bed at home anymore.  I just can’t wait for the pillow-y softness of “hotel bed” to be a part of my everyday experience!

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Sean and I usually go on two trips every year – one is a summer bike trip and one is a weekend up north in the fall.

Work piled on work piled on work this year meant we didn’t even get to go on so much as an overnight bike trip, which sucked, but we kind of made up for it with a full week up north at LAND.

The holiday started with Thanksgiving at my parents’ place and continued on up the highway to Six Mile where we camped one night in the partially finished/almost fully functional Trillium.

IMG_3503 (Medium)

She’s not perfect, but she’s miles ahead of where she was.

IMG_3488 (Medium)

IMG_3501 (Large)

























IMG_3505 (Large)


IMG_3518 (Large)

It was cold all week, but we were kept cozy by a combination of coffee, wool and the power of 1970s sleeping bags.

IMG_3531 (Medium)

Even this sad sack stayed warm because his pathetic shivering usually got him a prime spot on the bed.

IMG_3702 (Large)

IMG_3532 (Medium)

After Six Mile, the rest of the week was  spent at LAND, where it kind of turned into a working vacation…

IMG_3560 (Medium)

We ordered 18 yards of gravel because we wanted to put a driveway in at our “inaccessible-by-road-or-water” chunk of the woods.

Want to know what 18 yards looks like? This:

IMG_3565 (Large)

It’s a lotta loads and even more shovelfuls.

Fortunately, we had help from Kyle and Angela, their pal Chris and Chris’s awesome dog.

Ox (Medium)

The five of us shovelled for about an hour that first day to get the top of the pile down.

After that, Sean and I put in a few solo hours each day and voila! Road access!

IMG_3704 (Medium)














IMG_3705 (Medium)


Of course, it wasn’t all work. We went on about a thousand hikes…

IMG_3537 (Large)

IMG_3549 (Large)

lake (Medium)

Oh mushrooms, why are you so infinitely photographable and disgustingly inedible?

IMG_3625 (Large)

IMG_3633 (Medium)

IMG_3659 (Medium)

IMG_3582 (Large)

IMG_3657 (Large)

IMG_3671 (Medium)

IMG_3684 (Medium)

Tree (Medium)

We swam and we ate and we drank a box of wine and we drew and we read and we hung out with neighbours and then we headed back to Hamilton in time to see Matt Mays at the Pearl Company Sunday night.

And now we have the winter to plan the building of a shack, accessible via our handmade drive.

I don’t want to call us pioneers, but like…we settled the crap outta crap up there last week.

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Weekend Warrior

I spent the weekend working and I have to say, it was A-amazing.

On Saturday, I covered the first ever Hammer Town Comic Con, which took place at the Convention Centre downtown.

Cons just blow me away. The outfits people put together are unreal and the stuff you can buy…ay yi yi. There was a stained glass C-3P0 I desperately wanted and a Captain Canuck T-shirt I am an idiot for not buying and a million books I had to put blinders on to or I would be broke now. If there was a Comic Con beat, I would gladly sign up and cover nothing but. What an awesome time.

Check out my Spec story and a whack of wicked photos (not courtesy of me) here.

After all that excitement, Saturday night was a bit of a bust. I had some other writing to get done so I was up working on it until 3:30 a.m. because on Sunday, my day was dedicated to a bezel-setting workshop at Jewel Envy in Toronto.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this at the time, but back in May I spent about eight straight hours trying to set a stone in brass. TO TO AVAIL. It was the worst failure of my life and no YouTube video or web tutorial in existence could help.

Fortunately, Jewel Envy could. There were only two people in my class yesterday so it was personal attention-heavy (below shot grabbed from Jewel Envy’s Instagram feed) which was great.


I learned new things about flame and firescale and coluring and filing and sawing and, of course, setting.

That’s right! I successfully set this garnet into a sterling silver Yukon and made a pin back for it!

IMG_2339 (Large)

Yukon, ho! Awwwww, it’s Dawson! Close to my heart.

Now all I can think about is stones, stones, stones. I’m going to buy some copper and cheap stones to practice this up a bit before I move on to setting any more sterling, but GUYS! I feel quite confident. As though I could potentially do this in less than eight hours next time – even the math part.


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Friday. That’s all I got…

It’s been more of a write-y week.

I had some stuff to work on for the poetry class I’m taking at Mohawk (did I mention this? It’s pretty awesome) and I’ve been advancing Hammer Town Comic Con for the Spec and I was polishing off an application to another writing program. So I spent a lot of time in track pants on the couch rather than out in the studio….or any other place in the real world.

It’s also been a  sand-y week because Sean and I are scrambling to get the Trillium fixed up for a week in the woods. There is more 70s-era paint in my nose right now than there is nose hair. By a loooooong shot.

Sorry if I was boring. I won’t be (well, I mean I guess that’ll be up for debate, but…)  next week.

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